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My favorite article today would usually be Jim Willie’s commentary.  He has such interesting information to report.  It always presents a problem for me because after I edit the really important gold and silver content down to 10 or 15 pages I have to really struggle to edit it down again to two or three pages because I promised Jim that was all I would publish from his pay-for subscription material.  He is kind enough to let me reprint this much and I would strongly suggest that you subscribe to his newsletter and get the rest of the material.

But, to continue my opening thought – my favorite article today is Ted Butler’s ADMISSION, finally, after years and years of denial, that the silver market IS MANIPULATED BY THE GOVERNMENT.  Better late than never, Ted.  Hats off for being honest enough to call it like you see it, and like it is.

Here is Butler’s conclusion, but I suggest you read his entire essay in today’s daily:

A Few Questions, One Answer

By Ted Butler
June 15, 2012

If my analysis is correct, what does this mean for silver from here? It will prove to be wildly bullish for the price; maybe not immediately, but on a long-term basis. It sets the stage for the really big move in silver. This overt government interference in the silver market will boomerang at some point, just as every attempt at artificial price setting has failed. Just let the word start to spread about Working Group involvement in causing the price of silver to fall and the natural reaction by the world’s investors will be to take advantage of the bargain created.

This is an attempt by the government to influence the price of silver lower by favoring the paper short sellers and not by dumping physical silver on the market. That’s because neither the US Government, nor any other world government has any physical silver to dump. All the Working Group can do is aid the paper silver short sellers by permitting vicious price sell-offs designed to scare existing holders. There is an easy way around that scam and that is buying real silver, not the junk represented by COMEX paper contracts. If, as and when the role of the Working Group in the silver manipulation becomes known, the best reason yet for buying silver will come into focus.

I know that many have long suspected that some type of government involvement was present in gold and silver. But rarely have those suspicions been as clearly documented as they are now in silver. Questions about a silver investigation that never ends, or price moves beyond reason or historical precedent, or why the nation’s most important bank and exchange are up to their eyeballs in the silver manipulation have been explained by the Working Group. Too bad the Working Group took the side of a few short manipulators and not the many silver investors and producers of the world. No doubt someone has sold a bill of goods to the regulators, falsely convincing them that terrible things will happen financially should silver explode to its true market value. Well guess what? The rotten state of world finances has nothing to do with the price of silver currently, nor will it in the future.