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Since my first post to the noble GATA website circa 2003, I have been relentlessly writing of the virtues of REAL MONEY.  My commentary has always been FREE; and always will be – as my overarching goal is to PROTECT you from the FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON we are doomed to endure…

Research shows ALL Paper Money Systems Failed

Ditto for Bill Holter, who started posting on GATA around the same time.  He, too, left Wall Street following a realization the PAPER security world was corrupt; and has since published some of the best commentaries on the internet.  Fittingly, we finally met at the August 2011 GATA Conference in London; and equally fittingly, both write full-time for Miles Franklin.

Conversely, David Schectman’s Precious Metals career goes back to the early 1980s -when he worked for one of the nation’s largest bullion dealers.  In fact, several of Miles Franklin’s current brokers started their careers in David’s “training class”; as back then, bullion sales appeared destined to be a major growth business.

It didn’t quite turn out that way; as TPTB “bought” two decades of so-called prosperity by realizing the abandonment of the gold standard gave them a FREE CREDIT CARD to run up the nation’s debt.  That card was fully charged up by the turn of the century; at which point, David was already well known as a staunch REAL MONEY advocate.  Miles Franklin spent the majority of the 1990s focusing on Swiss Annuity sales; but once he – and son Andy – realized the future was in PHYSICAL assets, he switched the company’s focus entirely to bullion; and through his blog, started developing the “MILES FRANKLIN, PROTECTION PROVIDER” brand.

When David started writing the Miles Franklin Report more than a decade ago, it was simply a quarterly, hard-copied publication; sent to both clients and prospective clients via “snail mail.”  However, as precious metals’ popularity increased – and the global “information age” expanded; the demand for additional commentary grew.  Not to mention, in a REAL TIME format.  Subsequently, the Miles Franklin Daily Gold and Silver Summary was born; available via both email and the Miles Franklin Blog.  As always, its content is FREE to the public; and thanks to the editor we employ to maintain it, has become the finest PM-focused blog ANYWHERE.

In October 2011, I joined Miles Franklin as its Marketing Director.  I worked in the mining industry for the prior five years; but had never been involved with a bullion dealer.  Through this platform – and countless podcasts, radio shows, Webinars, conferences, and meetings – I have been able to leverage our “message” exponentially.  Subsequently, Bill Holter started writing for Miles Franklin in June 2012; and since then, the DAILY “1-2-3” punch we provide has made a significant impact on the global PM community.

Eighteen months ago, the Miles Franklin blog had 10,800 subscribers; quite an accomplishment for David Schectman – as building such a larger number “from scratch” is no small feat.  However, per the leverage described above, our e-mail newsletter has exploded in popularity; rising during both PM “good times” and bad.  And thus, I’m proud to announce that as of last week, we surpassed the 20,000 subscriber milestone.

Given so few writers provide both the quality and quantity of information of our combined efforts, I expect Miles Franklin’s readership base to dramatically increase in the coming years; particularly when we finally have a “price tailwind” to work with (don’t worry, it’s DEFINITELY coming).

On behalf of David Schectman, Bill Holter, and occasional “guest poster” Andy Schectman, we thank you for your patronage; and promise to continue “telling it like it is,” with the sole purpose of empowering  you to PROTECT yourselves.  And by the way, if you are considering buying (or selling) PHYSICAL PMs; please “GIVE US A CHANCE” to earn your business!