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In a recent Rant, Andy Hoffman wrote a few sentences that were not respectful to car dealers. I would like to make it clear that this was not a blanket indictment of the industry, but rather a commentary based on a recent personal bad experience he had. Some of our favorite clients are car dealers, and Andy was NOT talking about any of you. Andy writes what Andy wants to write and we do not edit his commentary. So the apology is mine, and is directed to anyone whose feelings were ruffled. If you feel offended, please don’t – unless you were the salesman that Andy had the bad experience with.

Jim Willie is one of the top, if not “the” top writer in our industry. His small essay in today’s daily should be on your “not to be missed” list. Hubert Moolman uses “Fractal” technical analysis to paint a bright future for gold.

2012 should turn out to be one for the history books, but you may miss it entirely if you listen to the mainstream media. Of course, you can always spend half an hour a day reading my daily – and I assure you, you will miss nothing that is important (to your financial health).
If you pay attention, you will notice that I usually under-line small portions of the articles that I post. I do it to call attention to the most important points in the articles – these are the sentences or paragraphs that you should really read carefully.
Please don’t be one of our dear readers who tell us “the daily is too long,” or “I don’t have the time to read it.” Everyone has the time! It is not too long! It is too short! We are talking about YOUR money, you financial future – the information you have to know to take advantage of the most treacherous markets of our lifetime. Making money, going forward, will be very difficult and your focus should be on preserving what you already have and that will be tough enough.
Your “cost,” to get all of this world-class information is not one single dime – but it will take a bit of your time every day. Much less than you spend reading your local newspaper. Can you honestly tell me that you get more of what you need from your newspaper than from this daily? If you think so, you would be well served to ask us to remove you from our mailing list.
Bill Holter made an interesting point the other day. Two years ago, if I told you that gold would be around $1,650 and silver $30 you would have been thrilled. That is true for any two-year period since the beginning of the bull market, 11-years ago. It will be true two years from now as well. So stop worrying about the day-to-day fluctuations of gold and silver. Let your mind wander and think what it will be like in two years. Will the EU still be intact? Will the euro still be a significant currency? What will the Middle East look like? Who will be running this country (into the ground)? What will happen to the US Dollar? The stock market? Interest rates? There are sooooo many black swans out there that it ought to scare the Hell out of you. It sure does to me. And when I am uncertain or scared, I move out of harms way – out of stocks and into precious metals. I intend to be one of the lucky few that survives this mess, intact. And I hope you listen to what I am saying, and read what I am writing, so you can too.