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The best part of my job is watching the “PM community” – or better put, the monetary truth-seeking populace – coalesce in the war against a status quo that has destroyed global economic prospects for generations to come; enslaved the world with suffocating, unpayable debt; and destroyed the savings of countless billions.  And not just the financial community, but the “99%” at large – which I considered last night, in watching Melania Trump speak at the Republican Convention.  Frankly, it was as distasteful as it was laughable, to watch political “pundits” attack her – a woman who came from nothing, to a position where the entire world is watching her every move – whilst real people embraced her.

Like myself, countless millions will vote for Trump – who incidentally, will be the oldest-ever inaugurated President – because they want the status quo to die, as quickly as possible.  Heck, Trump actually wants to bring back the Glass-Steagall limitations on Wall Street trading activities – as opposed to Hillary Clinton, who received more Wall Street “contributions” than George Bush and Barack Obama combined!  It happened with the BrExit last month.  It will happen with Italy following their October referendum, which will force statist Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to resign.  It will happen in France, when the anti-EU National Front sweeps into power next year.  And it will happen in November, when Donald Trump wins by a landslide.  And by the way, any “pundit” who thinks the most beautiful First Lady since Jackie O is a “negative” for Trump – let alone, when Hillary Clinton’s spouse represents all that’s wrong with America – doesn’t understand human nature a whit.

Back to the “PM community” – or more appropriately, the real money community, which now includes not just gold, silver, and to a lesser extent platinum, but Bitcoin as well – I’m proud to be associated with not just the smartest, but most free-thinking, anti-establishment financial professionals on the planet.  Between the bloggers, podcasters, and other thought leaders, we are cumulatively gaining acceptance at an exponential rate – which tends to occur, when your anti-mainstream theories turn out to be correct.  Which they have been for years, but went unrecognized due to the massive economic data and financial market manipulation that hid them.  To wit, in just the past two weeks alone, two of the best full-length financial presentations I have seen were published; the first, Grant Williams’ “Crazy – A Story of Debt”; and the second, Brent Johnson’s “Step into Liquid – The Debt Super Cycle.”  Both discuss the insane monetary policies that have put the world on the edge of an irreversible financial abyss, which will unquestionably – and likely, imminently – destroy what’s left of the world’s 180-plus currencies’ purchasing power.

As for today’s topic, it relates to the increasingly obvious failures of the “powers that be’s” efforts to misdirect the public with market manipulation and economic propaganda.  For example, trying to convince us that an economy that was free falling in May – in which even by the lying, fabricating BLS’ measures, only 11,000 new “jobs” were created, somehow created 287,000 in June – during which, not only did the Fed publish its most dovish statement of the Yellen era, but the BrExit shocked the world during the month’s final week.  Throw in the relentless explosion of corporate layoff announcements; not to mention, plunging results in the restaurant and retail sectors, where most of said “jobs” are supposedly being created; and it’s not difficult to see why so many people no longer believe what they’re told – by Wall Street, Washington, or the increasingly irrelevant mainstream media.

As I scan the day’s “horrible headlines” – two full pages, gathered in the past 24 hours alone – evidence of a world on the abyss are everywhere.  Including, sadly, countless articles about the popularity of Pokemon, which is enveloping a dumbed-down world as rapidly as the Riddler’s brain-sucking machine in Batman and Robin; a modern day “bread and circuses” for the poor, unwashed masses.

Cumulatively, the entirety of commentary could not be more distressing, from France’s evil, statist President Francois Hollande being booed at a Nice memorial ceremony; to an ugly ISIS-catalyzed terror attack in Germany; to America’s largest pension fund, Calpers, generating its worst financial returns since the 2008 crisis; to the Chinese government’s latest, maniacal money printing and currency devaluating spree; to Japan’s nation-destroying “helicopter money”; to the Cleveland Fed actually circulating propaganda that its President, Loretta Mester, didn’t actually endorse U.S. helicopter money in a speech last week, when she was quoted by multiple sources of having done so!

And the “hits” keep coming, from surging default risk in Portugal’s hideously insolvent banking system; to plunging real estate markets in London, San Francisco, New York, and even the Hamptons; to the hideous aftermath of Friday’s Turkish coup attempt – staged or otherwise; Fiat Chrysler’s and Tesla’s at best unethical business practices; IBM’s criminal accounting; the relentless explosion of zero and negative interest rate bonds; and the hideous crude oil fundamentals that were only worsened by this year’s blatant “oil PPT” engineered rally – which I assure you, will be realized with just as much economic fervor as those of the suppressed Precious Metals.

As for “financial markets,” yes they are more manipulated than ever.  So grossly so, it’s difficult to believe anyone still believes they are real.  Which is become less the case with each passing day – as even Wall Street, including many of the most mainstream analysts, hedge fund managers, and other propagandist pundits – are questioning markets that no longer bear any semblance of reality.  Let alone, when said hedge funds continue to go out of business – amidst new market “highs” – because they continue to bet with the fundamentals, rather than the reality of rigged markets.

Fortunately for the powers that be, such rigging has bought them a few more can-kicking inches, on a road lined with giant brick walls as far as the eye can see.  However, the “lower highs, and lower lows” syndrome is starting to envelop the most important markets, making it starkly clear to an increasingly skeptical investment community what is really happening in the world.

To wit, global interest rates are again falling, after a few days of infinitesimal “dead cat bouncing,” based on absolutely nothing “positive” except a PPT-orchestrated, Yen and stock manipulated stock rally.  Commodities, too, are feeling the relentless weight of gravity, as well as the vast majority of the world’s (already destroyed) currencies – including the soon-to-die Euro, which appears destined to break its early 2015 low of 1.05/dollar in the coming months.  Which, for those worried that the resulting “strong dollar” will be bad for gold, will unleash a furious flurry of Precious Metal buying across all of Europe.  And for all the bluster, and fear, within a Precious Metal community that has grown accustomed to demoralizing Cartel attacks, gold is still above $1,330/oz, and silver still hanging around $20/oz, despite the largest naked short-selling initiative in Cartel history!

And then there’s those pesky banking stocks – like the soon-to-be “Lehman of Europe,” Deutsche Bank – the “most systematically dangerous financial institution” on the planet – whose stock is down 4% this morning.  Again, below $14/share, after having “dead-cat bounced” to a much “lower high” of roughly $14.50/share, compared to February’s similar powers-that-be orchestrated “hail Mary” rally to $21/share.

In other words, the veneer of financial stability is vanishing as rapidly as the public’s trust in mainstream political parties.  All around them, the economic walls are caving in – which is why public rebellion, on all fronts, is exploding.  And why, no matter how much the powers-that-be manipulate, the “lower highs, and lower lows” syndrome will continue to harangue them into submission.  Just as, conversely, the higher lows, and higher highs in Precious Metals (and Bitcoin) will signal the end of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme.