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As I write in the wee hours Tuesday morning, gold, at $1,292/oz, is at its high of the year, and the highest level since the immediate aftermath of Trump’s “BrExit times ten” victory – when the powers that be launched the most egregious; and ultimately, world-destroying; money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda campaign of all time.  Essentially, their worst fears were realized when the most anti-establishment candidate imaginable won despite their historic election rigging scheme; which in turn, prompted them to do anything and everything posssible – damn the consequences – to prevent history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme; which was already on the verge of collapsing; from doing so immediately, and spectacularly.

At that moment, the fraudulent “Trump-flation” theme was created.  Which, with a hope and a prayer; and the aforementioned historic market rigging scheme behind it; was intended to buy “the 1%” a bit more time, before Economic Mother Nature inevitably overran them.  This is why, per below, the break between reality and financial markets went into hyper drive on November 9th; particularly in Precious Metals, which we forced to endure yet another ignominious plunge, before ultimately making what I believe were their ultimate bottom; in both gold’s and silver’s cases, at higher lows than those of December 2015 – ironically, the day the Fed first “raised rates.”

I immediately recognized this plan would fail, in the “turning on Trump” Audioblog I published two days later – as in my very strong view, there was not a chance they could make the economy improve by pretending it better; particularly after the most disruptive political figure in U.S. history had just been elected.  Just six months later, my predictions have been proven to be dead on – as not only have all the “Trump-flation” meme’s false tenets been decidedly disproven; but aside from the maniacal PPT’s relentless, suicidal bubble blowing, all others markets have fallen back to fresh post-election lows.

This, as gold is about to retake the $1,300 level, after having successfully breached, and retested, its 200-week moving average of $1,240/oz; and now, its 5½ year downtrend line of $1,277/oz.  To that end, silver’s 5½ year downtrend line – like gold’s, representing the strength of the Cartel hideous manipulation since May 2011’s “Sunday Night Paper Silver Massacre” and September 2011’s “Operation PM Annihilation I” – was breached earlier this year, at $16.28; whilst its own 200 week moving average, of $17.76/oz, may be retaken as soon as today – just as I predicted late last week, on two straight days.  Not to mention yesterday, when I referred to Precious Metals as “dirt cheap insurance, in an increasingly PiMBEEB world.”  And for good measure, consider that it was just two weeks ago, when I espoused the silver/gold ratio was at its “most undervalued level in history.”

As I watch the dollar and interest rates plunge; crude oil, the world’s most important commodity, in freefall in the wake of yesterday’s potentially historic OPEC deathblow – which what do you know, I predicted two weeks ago; and Precious Metals – and Bitcoin  – surge;  amidst an all-out global PiMBEEB storm, on the political, economic, social, and monetary fronts, three extremely important articles I wrote at year-end come to mind.  I.e., December 7th’s “2017, the year of money printing”; December 14th’s “money printing and draconian government actions will define 2017”; and the trifecta’s coup de grace, January 2nd’s “2017, the year of monetary revolution.”

On all three counts, I’ve been arguably proven correct already.  However, the year is not even half over; and considering how right I’ve been thus far, think of what the second half portends – now that “Trump-flation” is DEAD; and increasingly, with each passing day, said “1%’s” ability control over the 99% is clearly, dramatically, weakening. I see that the Bilderberg meeting took place this weekend – of which, I can only say, who cares!  The days of “99% oppression” are nearing their end – which hopefully, will prompt you to prepare for a new era; in which, everything we have known for decades changes – dramatically so – permanently.  Including, per above, the “1%’s” ability to mask the horrific inflation their “Central banks” have caused, and its equally deleterious effects – by surreptitiously suppressing gold and silver prices.  Which, care of this historic, multi-decade manipulation scheme, has created the most bullish Precious Metal supply/demand fundamentals in, perhaps, global history.

For a “sneak peak” of what will inevitably occur; perhaps this year – but if not, shortly thereafter; take a look at the parabolic move Bitcoin and many other crytpo-currencies are currently amidst.  Not that all of them will survive, mind you – as I assure you, most won’t.  However, the point is, they are acting the way Precious Metals have been prevented from acting for decades by heinous, unsustainable intervention – which in my view, is nearing its ignominious (for the Cartel), spectacular end.

More important, the crytpo-currency surge is symbolic of the aforementioned “monetary revolution.”  As, after smoldering for the past five years – as Bitcoin, entirely under the world’s collective radar, gained traction – it has exploded onto the global scene in the past three months; to the point that everyone – particularly, the “evil Troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the “fake news” MSM – has taken notice.  Trust me, cryto-currencies’ parabolic rise – aside from many “scam-coins” – is as much about global monetary revolution as speculation.  And when you see Precious Metals start to move higher, at a rate reminiscent of, say, 2011, this revolution will become starkly evident to the entire world; particularly, the “99%” who didn’t have the foresight to realize historically rigged financial assets have never been more overvalued, or equally historically rigged Precious Metals undervalued.

As I wrote in May 2016’s “Precious Metals and Bitcoin, twin destroyers of the fiat regime”; and December 2016’s “why Bitcoin will make gold and silver go up”; Bitcoin has been the strongest ally Precious Metals have known since the Cartel was launched two-plus decades ago.  Thus, the more crypto-currency strengthens, the more likely gold and silver will strengthen too; as what used to be a “one front” war in the fraudulent gold and silver paper markets, has now become a multi-front war, in the historically tight physical Precious Metal markets, and decentralized Bitcoin market.  Which, per May 23rd’s “decentralizion, the future of monetary value”; and May 25th’s “how crypto-currency will cause the end of Central banks – and with them, the Gold Cartel”; may well prove both the powers that be’s – and consequently, Gold Cartel’s – ultimate death knell.

Whether Thursday’s “turmoil trifecta” of the UK elections, ECB meeting, and James Comey Congressional testimony yield further destruction of the powers that be’s dying market manipulation scheme remains to be seen.  However, what I am sure of, is that the second half of 2017 – and beyond – will validate, in spades, what I predicted in “2017, the year of monetary revolution.”

If you have not prepared for what’s coming, you ned to do so now.  And if the purchase and/or storage of Precious Metals is part of your “financial salvation strategy,” we humbly ask you to call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080; or sign up for online purchasing at milesfranklin.com; and give us a chance to earn your business.  In 28 years of operation, we have not had a single registered complaint; and I assure you, our team of brokers – most of whom, have been in the business since the 1980s – will take good care of you!