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Today, most of the so called “investment experts” are waiting for gold to correct, while it continues to march higher.  That does not bother me; actually I find it mildly annoying, because those warnings allow gold to advance without attracting much of any public participation.  As a result, the gold bull market continues to climb higher with only a small number of Americans aboard.  Ultimately, I believe that too will change.

Below is a chart of gold, going back 3 years.  It’s truly amazing to me, but denials and ignorant comments about gold, and its role by the mainstream, has kept the public out of this market. The higher a bull market goes without attracting mass attention, ultimately the greater the potential for the bull market.  After all, gold has risen this far with virtually no public participation. What’s going to happen when the public finally becomes interested?  My guess is that product will be nearly impossible to find, and a whole lot more expensive when you find it.  So while you can, get longer gold!