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A short pep talk.

(When I speak of gold in these articles it can safely be assumed I mean gold & silver as to me they both are important to own now)

Don’t be worried about another correction in the great gold bull market.  Remember, the gold bull will try to shake us off his back, as he has tried to do for the last decade, so hold on tight!   All investments are subject to corrections, and gold is certainly no exception.  The trick is to hold onto your position, and don’t get thrown from the bulls back in the midst of a sharp correction.

In the 1970s, very, very few people held on until the top.  Most participants sold their gold way to early.  Half of the gain of the entire bull market was realized in the last six months.  The bull had its way – it shed most of the riders before the top was reached.

The primary trend of gold is up and as time passes, investors worldwide will become increasingly worried about the worth of paper money.  As this happens people will opt for the safety of time tested real money, gold and silver.

Trust your gut and get longer gold!