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I have hand picked 8 don’t miss articles for our readers today.  You can check them out at the links below:

  • Bill Holter: Credibility is going up in smoke
  • LeMetropole Cafe: Excerpts from an article from Mark Lundeen
  • Deepcaster: Why Gold & Silver & the Mining Shares will be Impelled Even Higher, and Soon
  • GATA: Peter Brimelow: Gold bushwhacks bears — Is a central bank buying?
  • Rick Ackerman: At CMRE Dinner, Talk of a Looming Disaster
  • Money and Markets: Lehman-Type Mega Shock Looming
  • Bob Chapman: Just to show you how corrupt the system is, it is a perfect Ponze scheme, even worse that I’ve seen in the U.S which will then take twenty years to fall.
  • Uncommon Wisdom: Here we go again …