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From David’s Desk I have had numerous requests to “unmask” Cactus Jack. There has even been some interest to hear what Cactus thinks about the economy and precious metals. Unfortunately, Cactus has disappeared.  He was last seen at Costco, filling up his jumbo Suburban with cases of toilet paper, a case of Crown Royal and three cases of bottled water.  We think he has gone into hiding in his well-fortified retreat north of Duluth.  He hasn’t been acting normal lately, and believe it or not, he recently called me and admitted, Imay be right.  It is hard to deny reality with the stock market in retreat and the daily barrage of dire economic headlines in our local newspaper.

Here is our most recent bet.  The loser buys dinner for four at Mannys, the best steak house in Minneapolis.  I promised Cactus that it would be clear, by the end of 2011 that the economy is not improving.  There will be nothing more to debate.  Plus, I stated that gold would be more than $1,650 – and silver over $50.

Here is the last known photo of Cactus, seated between my wife Susan and his lovely wife Judith.  If I remember correctly, Cactus claimed that since I write about him so often, he should be considered an employee of Miles Franklin, and he demanded that I pay for the dinner.  And so I did.


David Schectman

Miles Franklin