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A challenge to Backwoods Jack:

I received an email from my friend, Backwoods Jack that was filled with inaccuracies and worse, questioned Ranting Andy Hoffman’s credentials and resume.  I shot off a strongly worded email that told him he was out of his mind and that his son didn’t know squat about the precious metals market and when it came to the economy, was nothing more than the voice of Wall Street.  Andy Hoffman said Backwoods must be suffering the effects from eating squirrel meat and was more outraged than usual and shouted, “Tell Backwoods Jr. to call me and say these things to my face!”  He also said, Jr. would never call me, he doesn’t have the nerve!  That prompted me to offer a challenge to Backwoods, and his son Backwoods Jr.  It didn’t take long for Backwoods to reply.   Here is Backwoods’ reply:
Backwoods Jr. is eager to respond! He will do so this afternoon and means no malice towards you or Ranting Andy.  Nothing illegal about a possible controversy.  Agreeing to disagree on occasion should cause no harm.
Sure, some egos might be flustered, but really it’s no big deal unless blown out of proportion.  Even then, so what!  Jr. is befuddled that you keep pushing back the timetable for the collapse of the US economy.  Now you say two years when 18-months ago you prophesied that it would be occurring now. Jr. has some 50 brokers spread out in every major business market in the US under his leadership and they would not agree with you on just about everything you say, except the fact the gold and silver are worthwhile investments.  Holding some cash is also prudent.  Respectfully and gentlemanly I remain your friend under any circumstances.  
Backwoods Jack
So I offered Backwoods and Backwoods Jr. a challenge, one that I honestly do not expect them to accept.  And why am I so sure that Jr. wouldn’t accept?  Well, it reminds me of a quote from Wm. F. Buckley Jr. when asked why John F. Kennedy wouldn’t accept his offer to debate him – Buckley said something to the affect that the sausage tries to avoid the meat grinder!  It is still to be determined if Jr. has the strength of conviction to accept the offer and to date, my email inbox is empty.  Here is my email to the Backwoods clan:
I am pretty sure I can arrange for a special hour-long segment on the SGT Report, a highly regarded internet blog, with tens of thousands of listeners all over the globe, that would feature a debate between Ranting Andy Hoffman and Backwoods Jr.  Let’s let truth fall where it will.   Andy Hoffman is up to the challenge.  Is your favorite number one son? 
Here is the link to the SGT Report.  Check it out. http://sgtreport.com/  
Here is the link to some of the people he has had on his show (including Bob Chapman, Bix Weir, Jim Willie, Gerald Celente, Nomi Prins, James Turk, Lindsey Williams, Eric Sprott, David Morgan, and David Schectman, Andy Schectman and Andy Hoffman.     http://sgtreport.com/category/interviews/
Since Backwoods, Jr. is Wall Street to the core, and so vocal that our viewpoint is off the wall, does he have the conviction to offer his views in a public forum?  Andy doesn’t think so and frankly, neither do I.  Let’s see if he is willing to debate Ranting Andy, fair and square on the economy.  After all, you did email me that he disagrees with virtually everything we say and that he wanted to call and discuss it.  You wrote, “Backwoods Jr. is eager to respond!! He will do so this afternoon and means no malice towards you or ranting Andy. Nothing illegal about a possible controversy. Agreeing to disagree on occasion should cause no harm. Sure, some egos might be flustered, but really no big deal unless blown out of proportion.  Harry 3 has some 50 brokers spread out in every major business market in the US under his leadership and they would not agree with you on just about everything…”  Here is his chance, and in the spotlight to boot.  I will even do a link to SGTs YouTube interview in my newsletter, where another 20,000 people can hear “the other side” of the argument. 
You say you want fair, honest discourse on these topics.  Here is your chance.  Does the Backwoods clan have the strength of conviction to bring this debate into the open?  I hope BW Jr. takes us up on the offer so our readers can determine for themselves which position, Miles Franklin’s or Junior’s is full of hot air.    
In the end, still your friend,
Finally, make sure to read Bill Holter’s two articles today.  Don’t miss the Casey article on The Demise of the Petro Dollar.  Some information is just simply more worthwhile than other information and Holter’s articles come under the label of Don’t Miss!

PS:  Here again, note the 3:00 a.m. attack on gold in London.  It’s Groundhog Day again and again.