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The G-7 are meeting this weekend outside of London.  This was unscheduled and can only be considered as an emergency meeting.  I for one would love to be a fly on the wall to hear the goings on as I am sure the “outsiders” from the rest of the G-20 would.  The G-7 are the traditional “power” nations, they are also the ones doing the most printing and inflating.  Since the beginning of the Greatest Financial Crisis, these nations have bankrupted themselves the most, printed and borrowed the most and basically “lost some power” with their actions.  I might add that these nations of the “West” have also been responsible for gold being shipped “East” …and thus with it “power.”

So what exactly is being discussed?  We will soon find out (or see the results) but I would imagine that anything and everything pertaining to the “end game” will be touched upon.  Bank weakness and insolvency must be at the top of the list, QE’s lack of traction is also surely up there.  Gold inventories (or lack of) must also surely have been discussed and I would certainly think that currency collapse was on the agenda.  “Currency collapse,” replacement of same and “bank holiday” including “bail ins” were probably all discussed and pre planned.

Tell me that I am crazy and that none of these topics were broached, the physical metals markets globally are telling me (and them) that they were and that the end game is near.  The question is this, how much longer can inventories supply the outsized demand that has been created by the false and fraudulent “paper” crash of metals pricing?  We do not know the answer to this question; “they” do.  They know what is really left and whether or not the bottom of the barrel is already in sight.

To the above I would add that here in the U.S. we also have a dangerous week ahead.  The Obama administration is taking huge body blows over the Benghazi attack last year.  None of the official stories add up and it turns out that orders came from somewhere to “stand down” while Americans were being killed.  I say that this coming week is dangerous because your attention apparently needs to be altered in a different direction.  The distinct possibility/probability of some sort of false flag event is now off the charts.

I have maintained all along that a “bank holiday” would ultimately occur which sets positions in cement while a revaluation of assets and currencies takes place.  As time has passed, this looks more and more likely to me as nothing has been done to avoid this scenario.  In fact, the West has simply pressed the accelerator harder and opened the monetary spigots further… with almost zero effect on the real economy.  Stock markets are acting out like an early warning signal to a hyperinflation.  Gold and silver have not been allowed to do this which is why physical inventories have been attacked so fiercely.

Since I am not a fly on the wall and can only speculate until “we find out,” my guess is that the end game is in fact being discussed.  How best to shut the current system down, reboot another one AND retain as much power as possible.  Call me cynical, crazy or whatever, I truly believe that preparations are being discussed here and now “how best” (for them) to close out this current chapter of world finance.  By the way, all of this has been discussed and planned years ahead of time, these are not fools.  The current discussion is merely about pulling the trigger.