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I’m more of a “tell you how to do it” kind of writer than a “tell you why to do it” kind of writer.

In my #1 best selling book “Stack Silver Get Gold”, I write about all the tips and tricks I’ve learned about how to buy gold and silver without getting ripped off.

I think there is only one chapter dedicated to why you should like gold and silver and why I like silver more than gold.

By the way, the silver to gold ratio today is about 85 to 1 which means silver is very cheap compared to gold which means you might want to think about swapping some of your gold for silver bullion with Miles Franklin. You can read more about that here: The Great Gold Silver Swap of 2018

Back to my best selling book.

For the 2019 update I think I may add a new “WHY BUY GOLD” chapter.

That new chapter is just going to be one sentence long. Here’s what it is going to say….

“The best reason to buy gold that I’ve come along in my entire precious metals career is perfectly presented in this video. Go watch it here now on Real Vision and make all of your family and friends watch it too: https://www.realvision.com/grant-william-keynote-speech


That’s like two sentences.

I’ll try to refine it down to one sentence but this is presentation at the 2018 Stansberry Conference by Grant Williams is the best I’ve ever seen on why you should be buying gold.

So your homework today, is to watch this video.

And make anyone who asks you why they should buy gold and silver watch this video.

I should really stop writing this article right now but I will give you some, not all, of the notes I took on the presentation just in case your computer skills are lacking as much as my parents computer skills are lacking.

The CRY WOLF Presentation by Grant Williams

“The ability of having a stable price has great value.” – Alan Greenspan

It is well proven that over the long run, gold preserves wealth and purchasing power and tends to go through supertrends lasting decades or even a century or more.

Man has had a monetary system based on gold or silver for the majority of the last five centuries. During this time we’ve witnessed long periods of great stability that were destroyed by war and warped use of financial leverage.

Grant goes on to show how Nixon ending Bretton Woods in 1971 totally trashed the financial ecosystem by allowing the financial deer like bankers, financiers, the fed and deep staters to run wild and gorge themselves on free money. Just like in the roaring 20’s before the crash of 1929, banker salaries have skyrocketed.

We need an apex predator like a wolf to come back and keep everyone in line. That financial apex predator is gold.

“The financial policy of the welfare state requires there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as the protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding statists antagonism towards the gold standard.” -Alan Greenspan

“Statists” today are the deep state and the establishment.

Why gold?

It was a hedge against USA deflation from 1929-1941

It was a hedge against hyperinflation in Weimar Germany from 1918-1923

It was a hedge against USA disinflation from 2000-2010

It was a hedge against USA stagflation from 1970-1981

A gold standard will probably return to the world.

Many people say a gold standard is crazy and will never happen again.

But many of the world’s biggest countries like China and Russia are accumulating gold at record paces and at the same time dumping their US Treasury holdings.

Dollar dominance is coming to an end. It’s already one of the longest periods of single currency dominance clocking in at over 100 years.

Extreme conditions and a major crisis are required for a gold standard or new system of money to be imposed on the world. This is by necessity, not choice.

It will come in the form of a grand deleveraging event that occurs due to social upheaval, political upheaval and financial market upheaval occurring all at the same time.

We are getting close!

What will a new and updated gold standard look like?

Probably something like a Bretton Woods 2, where an amount of gold exchangeable into a given currency is fixed.


A fixed amount of gold will be exchangeable into a basket of currencies like the SDR.

When gold is finally reintroduced into the financial system it will have the same effects as when the grey wolf was reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park (click this link to see video). The entire ecosystem was revived, plants and animals flourished and even the rivers changed.


That’s enough to get you started but not even close to the full power of the presentation which is about forty minutes long.

You are not my parents. You’ve at least managed to get your computer to turn on. So go watch the Grant Williams presentation here………..

Hunter Riley III
Chicago, IL

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