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I know that many of you really enjoy my own personal comments.  When I decided to publish a daily report, my goal was to remain impersonal, and pick out what I decided was the most important information from the finest sources and send it to you, on a daily basis, to make it “easy” for you to be up to date on all of the important information related specifically to gold and silver.  Not the negative crap, but the information necessary to keep you invested for the long haul.  I read hundreds of pages every day and boil it down to 20-30 pages for you, of the most important of the information I come across.  I read many, many sources and they vary from day-to-day in the daily.

As for my own personal comments, sometimes I present my views on gold and silver, where I think they are headed and why you need them, but I also try and keep the daily interesting and personal and write about things not always related to the precious metals market.  Frankly, I believe there is much more interesting information to present to you, in areas related to every day life and apart from gold and silver.

For example – I find it very interesting how addicted to the computer I have become.  It monopolizes my time.  I am drawn to it to check out the markets and my emails several times an hour.  Now that is counter-intuitive because I understand, and write that this short-term information is mostly “noise,” and we should focus on the “big picture.”  Then, I run off and check the screen again and see how many new emails I have received and what the current price of gold and silver is.  I bet you do too!

As hooked as I am on the computer (in 1990 I swore I would NEVER own or use a computer), it is nothing compared to my grandchildren’s addiction.  They have all (five of them) had their own cell phones and iPads since they were babies.  Their little fingers (thumbs, actually) move so fast on the keyboard of their iPhones that they are a blur.  Me, I move so slowly, it is painful to watch, and make as many mistakes as correct keystrokes.  I am not talking about my iPad or iMac.  My typing skills are fine.  I am talking about the dreaded iPhone.  My daughter-in-law was busy texting during a recent concert at the Dakota.  I had to ask her to stop.  My grandchildren are constantly texting during meals and in public.  I have to admonish them and will not allow it at the dinner table.  I guess I’m old fashioned, but these damn new technologies are impersonalizing the younger generation.  They don’t talk anymore, they text and tweet and spend hours on Facebook and other social networks.  I do NOT have any social network accounts and don’t plan to ever join one.  I do a lot of emailing, but have never sent a text or tweet, and don’t plant to, ever.  But then, I said I would never have a computer in 1990 and here I am, running my business and typing away with a – yes, a computer.  So I guess I should never say “never.”

On another subject, while I try and remain “neutral” when it comes to politics, I am convinced that neither presidential candidate can or will fix our hopeless economic problems.  Those of you who think that Obama is doing a great job and should be given a second-term in office should try and explain away the following:

I Am Pledging To Cut The Deficit We Inherited By Half By The End Of My First Term In Office

-Barrack Obama, February 2009

I don’t give a damn whether it was the Bush Administration that caused the problems (actually both parties are to blame), but the fact remains that the current administration has done nothing to fix them.  A vote for Obama will end up a disaster.  A vote for Romney probably will too, and you should not lose sight of the fact that it is Congress who passes the laws, not the President.  Of course, Executive Orders can be a big difference-maker and our current President has issued more than his fair share of questionable EOs.  It is very important to gain a Republican majority in the Senate.  More important, in my opinion, than to worry who will be the next President.  Just to be clear, I am NOT anti-Obama.  If it weren’t for the Bush disaster, we would not be discussing Obama now.  I am anti big government, anti Wall Street and anti Fed.  Look where their policies have taken us!  Not a pretty sight and it will get much, much worse during the next four years (but less so if you have a bunch of gold and silver).

One last comment – I had dinner with the most prominent cardiologist in the Miami area on Saturday night.  He spent an hour explaining how devastating the new Obamacare legislation is and stated that over 1/3rd of all the doctors he knows are leaving the medical practice now and up to 1/3rd of all the hospitals will close.  He hasn’t been paid by the large health providers in over 120 days due to the new legislation and if not for the fact he was financially so solid, would have close his doors too.  I am no expert, but when two of my good friends, a cardiologist and an OBGYN have both told me exactly the same thing and both said they would do everything in their power to keep their kids from going into medicine, I worry.  This is not good.  I am happy that the people who can’t afford health care and those with pre-existing conditions can now get care, but at what cost to the rest of us?  Corporations have done the math and figured out it is less costly to them to opt out of Obamacare and pay the fine than to pay for the insurance.  That will throw millions of Americans out of the system and into Medicaid.  Most doctors don’t want to service Medicaid patients for $12 an office visit so they will end up in the emergency rooms.  What a mess!

Please, do not send me any emails defending Obama, Romney or Obamacare.  I am not interested in debating any of this – but the facts are the facts and I do not like what I see or where we are headed.  Those of you who disagree, well I respect your right to disagree but why not wait two or three years and then see how you feel about this.  It will all be too painfully clear by 2015 or 2016.  If I am wrong, I will be the first to admit it here, in print.