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Yesterday (Friday) was one of the worst days of my life.  Not because the Cartel did it’s “same old” thing, in relentlessly capping Precious Metals amidst some of the most “PM bullish, everything-else-bearish” headlines to date – although interestingly, they have been massively, frenetically covering their COMEX short positions in the past two weeks.  And not because America’s “powers that be” are hell bent on Nuclear and/or Cyber World War I with Russia; simply, in my view, to divert attention from the irreversible economic horrors they have caused.  No, the reason it was so bad was because I had a 24 hour flu bug so severe, I laid tossing and turning in my bed, nauseous and dizzy, for the entire day.  So it wasn’t until this morning that I saw the day’s headlines – which literally, made me shed a “tear for America,” like the famous 1970s Indian commercial.  Only this time, the tear is not for pollution, but the destruction of the nation’s 320 million people, minus “1%,” by a handful of “elites” possessing weapons of mass political, economic, and monetary destruction.

Frankly, the political scene is deteriorating so rapidly, the imminent collapse of the “world’s most systematically dangerous institution,” Deutsche Bank, isn’t even my top worry.  That said, for the record, DB on Thursday announced a company-wide “hiring freeze”; which was “upgraded” massively on Friday, when it announced another 10,000 layoffs, atop the 9,000 announced last month; whilst today, we learned that if any Department of Justice settlement is to occur – no, it’s not “imminent” –  they will likely be forced to massively scale down their U.S. operations.  But don’t worry, all’s well!

As it is in OPEC propaganda land, where September data showed a massive increase in the Cartel’s cumulative production, to an all-time high level.  But don’t worry, they will “cut” production; or “freeze”; or “cap” it, or whatever, at their November 30th meeting, and everyone will believe it.  NOT!

Not to mention, the PPT-supported stock market; which right now, in the powers that be’s desperation to hold things together ahead of the historic election that could permanently destroy them, is trading at its highest ever valuation, amidst its worst ever fundamentals.  Such as, for instance, the Atlanta Fed officially reducing its GDP “Nowcast” estimate for the third quarter from its initial, comically ridiculous 3.8% forecast of just one month ago, to 1.9% yesterday.  This, whilst assuming essentially zero inflation, as health insurance costs literally – and I do mean literally – go parabolic, as nationwide rent and tuition indices hit all-time highs.

Or how about freefalling “Dr. Copper” prices, amidst the same ugly glut that nearly all commodities face?  Or crashing global currencies (check out the Pound and Euro), causing the dollar to surge, and further destroy corporate earnings that have already declined for six straight quarters?  Or rising interest rates, no matter how much the MSM attempts to ignore them?  Which, I might add, are already starting to negatively impact “second tier” housing markets like Denver, in the same manner “first tier” have been impacted in the year’s first half?  Or industrial production back at 2010 levels?  Or automobile loan delinquencies at their highest level since the 2008-09 crisis?  Or the exploding national debt, up a whopping $1.42 trillion in the past 12 months, despite not a single major “line item” – like TARP bailouts, World War, or “New Deal” infrastructure projects – to blame it on?  Not to mention, an additional $170 billion in the first eight days of fiscal 2017, held back from the 2016 budget by accounting chicanery to mask the nation’s runaway debt?  Or a Gallup national “economic satisfaction survey” plumbing lows seen only after the Iran hostage crisis, 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, and the 2011-12 sovereign debt crises?  Or national commercial lending declining year-over-year for the first time since early 2009?  Or real gross private domestic investment down 3% year-over-year in the third quarter?  And by the way, if there’s anyone left that still believes the pathetic lies about a strengthening job market, this article permanently puts Obama’s “peddling fiction” propaganda to rest.

That said, America’s – and the world’s – miserable, rapidly compounding fiscal and economic woes aren’t even close to the day’s top story; which is, in Donald Trump’s words, its upcoming “day of reckoning.”  Which, via the pen or the sword, is coming at us like a runaway freight train – undoubtedly, to smash headlong into the America’s dying hegemony on November 8th, if not slightly before or afterwards.

To that end, I have never before felt so strongly about my belief that a catastrophic financial event awaits us this year – yes, this year; particularly now that it couldn’t be clearer that the powers that be are hell bent on starting a war – perhaps nuclear, or “cyber,” with Russia, which hasn’t done a single thing to provoke it.  To wit, after Hillary Clinton publicly accused Russia – and Putin personally – of hacking her emails, and those of the DNP; Obama is meeting, as we speak, with “top military advisors” regarding “military options” in Syria, after having unilaterally broken off diplomatic discussions with Russia, accusing it of the very humanitarian atrocities American “leads the world” in.  Moreover, just yesterday, Joe Biden himself said we are about to unleash a major “cyber-offensive” against Russia, to “harass and embarrass” the Kremlin leadership.  This, as 10,000 Wikileaks disclosures describe how the Obama Administration, and Clinton Campaign, engaged in everything from extorting Supreme Court justices, to rigging elections, to enabling regulatory fraud.  In other words, demonstrating how critical the upcoming election is to not only the “powers that be’s” ability to maintain control, but America’s to remain a global superpower.

Per the title of Thursday’s must hear Audioblog, “frankly, I’m terrified,” and Friday’s “when all else fails, they take you to war,” never before have I had so much fear of what the near-term holds.  Not to mention, the long-term, which is why the day before, I penned the “most important article I’ve ever written,” imploring readers to vote for Donald Trump, given my steadfast belief that a Clinton Presidency would all but destroy America, for generations to come.

Conversely, all’s not lost, as we still have time to give us the best chance to save ourselves from unprecedented tyranny – both here, and in much of the Western world.  To that end, per what I discussed in last week’s “that BrExity feeling,” I believe that far more people feel as I do than the lying, propagandist state claims – which is exactly what occurred in the UK before the BrExit referendum “unexpectedly” passed, rigged polls and betting lines notwithstanding; and EXACTLY what I think will occur here 3½ weeks from now.

To that end, I strongly believe Donald Trump, who is rapidly becoming – dare I say – a hero, has withstood the worst the powers that be could throw at him, in the form of a non-stop propaganda blitz regarding mythical sexual improprieties which, even if they were true, pale in comparison to the felonies committed by Bill and Hillary Clinton, both as politicians and in their personal life.  Kind of like Rocky – who, after taking the beating of his life in the first two rounds of his rematch with Mr. T, dramatically turns the tables when re realizes his opponent is “tired.”  Which I assure you, the powers that be certainly are, if the best they could do is find two discredited “grope” accusers from three decades ago, and a 2005 “locker room” discussion with the deplorable gossip columnist Billy Bush.  Who, as it turns out, is, I kid you not, is George H.W. Bush’s nephew.  Yes, the same George H.W. Bush whose political legacy was all but dead beforehand (“read my lips, no new taxes”), until it was permanently put to rest last month, when he endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Yes, I believe “Rocky” Trump is about to scorch the political Earth in the next three weeks, devastating the powers that be’s increasingly pathetic attempts to slander, libel, and otherwise propagandize away his road to victory.  There is no doubt in my mind that as Trump notes, “you know it, they know it, I know it, and basically the whole world knows it” – of how even the average person is starting to realize how bad America’s situation, and theirs personally – has gotten.  Which is why, even though America will have to go through the same, gut-wrenching Depression, monetary crisis, and financial market crash either way, I have “one last ray of hope,” for what might occur when the dust settles.  Which is, my a belief it can return to prior glories, on the back of a lawful constitution, sound money, and government “by the people, for the people.”

To that end, if there’s one thing I’ll ever ask you to listen – no, make that order – you to listen to, it’s this epic, five-minute speech Trump gave last week, of how the powers that be will do anything in their power to win this election; and thus, how we must band together to not only save the America of today, but the future.