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This month marked several notable personal “anniversaries,” including “TEN YEARS IN HEAVEN AND HELL” – i.e. Precious Metals investments – and “FIVE YEARS IN DENVER.”  However, it also marks my 20th anniversary listening to Howard Stern, the world’s most famous radio performer.

When I think of Howard Stern, I first and foremost consider how much he has made me laugh.  During good times and bad, his crew has entertained me on each day.  Twenty years ago, I listened for 15 minutes when I got dressed – preparing to commute to Manhattan – while today, his three-day-per-week shows are rebroadcast continually on Sirius XM radio.

Next, I consider how he is misunderstood, the product of the most targeted – government-led – PROPAGANDA campaign in the entertainment industry.  Yes, he has segments featuring scantily clad women, but none have been mistreated, and several have gone on to successful careers thanks to the exposure he provided.  In fact, I’d place Howard Stern in the narrow pantheon of performers that have used their “pulpit” to promote young, unknown comedians and actors – such as Jerry Seinfeld before he was SEINFELD – like Johnny Carson, Rodney Dangerfield, and currently, Chelsea Handler.

Thanks to the aforementioned smear campaigns, few realize his show lasts nearly five hours per day, devoted principally to discussing current topics and interviewing celebrities, which for most listeners is the most enjoyable part.  As it turns out, he has been one of society’s most upstanding citizens – charitable, kind, and a devoted father and husband, with values far surpassing most of the “role models” we are instructed to admire by our “leaders” and “education system.”  In other words, I relate Howard Stern followers to “goldbugs,” otherwise normal people who simply believe a gold standard is more effective than fiat money.

For ten years, I have toiled against – for lack of a better word – evil forces seeking to separate me from my primary means of financial survival, in an environment that has become increasingly malevolent (read: manipulated) each passing day.  This month is a primary example, as not only is the sector under yet another Cartel attack, but “they” have trotted out any and all PROPAGANDA TOOLS they can find, including Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates.

Being a PM believer engenders difficult social consequences – absolute AND relative performance notwithstanding – but I have persevered, and thrived, as a result.  Even a few years back, I would NEVER have believed my “conspiracy theories” would be heeded, nor that PM’s merits would ever be appreciated outside my “shadow world.”  However, I have been proven wrong, as that world has expanded dramatically, with many new “leaders” – myself included – taking the helm from aging “gold greats” like Richard Russell and Jim Sinclair.  While still vilified by most, gold and silver are clearly on the Western world’s radar screen, and not a month goes by where another “MAINSTREAM” investor or institution publicly recommends gold or PM investments.  When the END GAME arrives, the ENTIRE WORLD will laud gold – although few will actually own it – but until then, I expect more of the world’s “smart money” to find its way into Precious Metals.

Like gold, Howard Stern has been vilified for decades, but when he left “terrestrial radio” to join Sirius Satellite Radio in 2006, a strange thing happened.  His new “private” gig took him out of the tabloid and government spotlight, enabling him to slowly but surely, re-build his reputation as he simultaneously led Sirius out of obscurity.  Less and less negative press was published – principally because the FCC could no longer accuse him of “corrupting the public airwaves,” and all of a sudden, people realized that not only is he a decent guy – not to mention hilarious – but possessing a “skill set” ideal for public television.

When American Idol broke up its original judging team three years ago, he was constantly rumored to be courted for Simon Cowell’s spot, so much so that he had to fight off reporters asking the question.  As with gold – which I believe ANYONE will warm to once they hold a shiny one ounce coin in their hand – I believe Howard Stern would be the ideal American Idol judge – smart, charismatic, funny, and an expert talent evaluator – but alas, American Idol chose to stay mainstream by hiring first Ellen DeGeneres, and later Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

But then, an equally fortuitous event occurred.  Piers Morgan idiotically left America’s Got Talent  – or “AGT” – to create a news program on the dying CNN network (worse off since, thanks to his show).  Once again, the Howard Stern rumors surfaced, but I thought nothing of them, especially as he had spent a tortuous decade working for NBC – W….ENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN….B…C” in the 1980s, ending in a horrible, public business divorce.  But lo and behold, today’s NBC executives thought differently, and sure enough he received his first mainstream gig, judging one of America’s top rated shows!

Last night, I watched the season opener, and couldn’t be more proud.  Howard Stern was everything I knew he would be, proving that decades of PROPAGANDA were just that.  Watch for yourself, and “judge” as you will.  But like gold, Howard Stern is “good” for Americans, no matter how much his detractors say otherwise.