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Through 12 years of gold and silver suppression – principally of “PAPER PM Investments” like futures, ETFs and mining shares; the Cartel’s most potent weapon is the very thing that will ultimately destroy them – investor FEAR the PM sector is on the verge of collapse.  No one is aware of this more than me; as I’ve been fully invested in gold, silver, and – until mid-2011, mining shares – for the past eleven years.

To this day – in fact, more so than EVER – each time I look at my screen, I expect a WATERFALL DECLINE; particularly during KEY ATTACK TIMES, Sunday nights, holidays, and “attack events” like NFP payrolls, Fed meetings, Presidential speeches, COMEX options expirations, and, well – anything that could objectively be considered PM-bullish.

FEAR is what drives people to their most irrational states; and when it comes to one’s life’s savings – particularly amidst an expanding global depression – NOTHING scares one more than plunging investments.  Worse yet, those holding “PAPER PM Investments” have endured such plunges when they should be surges; and for mining share owners, often when gold and silver themselves are surging.

TPTB know this too well; which is EXACTLY why they don’t let up; not for a day, an hour, or a minute.  Conversely, they feel the same urgency to support stocks, bonds, and major currencies as they do to suppress PMs; as if they “lose” any one of them, they know they’ll lose them ALL.  So for those idealists out there, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  In other words, DO NOT expect anything to change – not a whit – until the forces of REALITY overcome them; such as, by the way, PHYSICAL demand shortages…

US Mint Sold Out of Silver Eagle Bullion Coins until January 7, 2013

US Mint Out Of Silver Coins – Suspends Sales on January 17th

On “D-DAY” – i.e., November 9th, 2010 – the Cartel clearly stepped up its naked shorting of mining shares, in response to silver’s first attempt to cross the VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of $30/oz since 1980.  At that time, investing in “PAPER PM Investments” became a living nightmare; as if the aftershock of the 2008-09 debacle wasn’t bad enough.

Worse yet, after “DOLLAR-PRICED GOLD” achieved a new ALL-TIME HIGH in September 2011, Cartel suppression of ALL aspects of the PM complex reached heights of blatancy and viciousness not yet witnessed; aside, of course, from May 2011’s “SUNDAY NIGHT PAPER SILVER MASSACRE.”  Last year alone, PM investors endured countless “named storm,” blitzkrieg attacks; the worst of which was February’s “LEAP DAY VIOLATION.”

The incessant PM raids attacks have continued into 2013; and with the GLOBAL economy deteriorating, the Bank of Japan going berserk, and next month’s fiscal cliff/debt ceiling debates, the “GOLD WARS” will only get more intense.  In other words, the Cartel will undoubtedly use its “fear card” to the fullest.

Of course, the biggest WEAPON against the “fear card” is PHYSICAL gold and silver; which, no matter how hard – or dirty – the Cartel fights, continues to defeat them; year, after year, after year

“PAPER PM Investments” are their DEATH STAR, but PHYSICAL PMs are their KRYPTONITE.  I am getting more “worry emails” then EVER; and I’ll bet anything that 99% of them emanate from people holding the former.  The senders may not tell me so – often, out of embarrassment; but rest assured, it’s ETFs like GLD and SLV; and mining shares, senior and junior, that make them so scared – with good reason.  TRUST ME, I lived that HELL for nearly a decade.

Fortunately, I switched to 100% PHYSICAL gold and silver in mid-2011; and since then, while my assets have gradually appreciated – each night, I sleep the “SLEEP OF THE JUST.”

Remember, if you stand in the way of the Cartel’s DEATH STAR, you may survive, and you may even thrive.  But then again, you may be annihilated.  And until the Cartel is destroyed, they WILL continue to fire the DEATH STAR “at will”…

Death Star is clear to fire
Of course, if you own – not “invest in” – the Cartel’s KRYPTONITE, they CANNOT destroy you.  And if you do – TAKE MY WORD – you will no longer experience “ALL FEAR, ALL THE TIME!”


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