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Before going into today’s terrifying discussion of the near future – for the U.S. and the world at large – I’d like to highlight the absolutely incredible, industry-leading storage program Miles Franklin launched this week, as discussed in yesterday’s special supplemental article, “introducing the most unique alternatives in the global bullion and cash storage industry.”  Of which, I’ll start by asking you to recall that for five years, we have successfully operated an extremely unique segregated storage program with Brink’s Canada – initially in Montreal, but today, Vancouver and Toronto as well.  In which, unlike the industry standard of charging as a percent of bullion value, we fix your storage cost on a per ounce basis.  In other words, if Precious Metal prices double, storage costs remain constant – as opposed to the industry standard, in which your storage cost would double.  Not only that, we are so dedicated to making this program the “gold standard” of offshore storage alternatives, Miles Franklin’s senior management actually accompanies the auditors on the painstakingly diligent audits, performed several times each year.

Well, that simply wasn’t enough for us, in our relentless mission to prove that unquestionably, “all Precious Metal bullion dealers are NOT commodities” – which is why we’ve spent more than a year creating a storage feature that, to our knowledge, NO ONE else can offer; again, with Brink’s Canada.  Which is, as of this week, our one-of-a-kind Private Safe Deposit Box program in Toronto and Vancouver; in which, clients can store gold, platinum, U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, or Swiss Francs in a private, fully insured, safe deposit box, completely outside of the banking system.  And the best part is, that whilst Miles Franklin and Brink’s are aware of the contents for auditing purposes, only you have the key.  Thus, if you want to make a deposit, take a withdrawal, or simply view your box’s contents, the only way it can be opened is if you go in person, or mail Brink’s the key with express written instructions (after which, Brink’s will mail you back the key).

Given the increasing amount of political, monetary, and legal risks the world faces, we believe this unique product is the perfect supplement to our current, industry-leading segregated storage program.  To that end, if you have any questions, please call us Toll-Free from the U.S. or Canada at 877-685-4705, or internationally at 952-582-6316.  Or alternatively, email us at [email protected].

That bit of (extremely important) housekeeping aside, let’s get down to the terrifying topic suggested by today’s title, regarding the “all-out political war” unfolding throughout the world – but particularly, here in the States.  Of which, the revelations of fraud, corruption, deceit, betrayal; and heck, treason that have emanated from the current, unprecedentedly cantankerous election campaign are sadly, a mere “appetizer” of what’s to come.

Let me just say flat out, that at this point, unless you are living in an alternative universe, with your head buried in the sand, it’s impossible to NOT see that in fact, Bix Weir is right in claiming there are grand conspiracies in play to destroy the 99% – in all ways, shapes, and forms – for the benefit of a sociopathic 1%; or, more appropriately, 0.1%.  Not that it’s genesis, definitive aims, or composition are “known,” mind you.  However, at this point, it’s quite clear that the Bush’s and Clintons are “allied” with vicious, sociopathic oligarchs and power brokers, in an effort to control the masses with socialism, draconian government decree, financial servitude, free market suppression, and Goebbels-esque propaganda.  To that end, as I have passionately pled for the past month, this war on truth will be lost – or won – on November 8th.  Which, if Trump is elected, will likely have the political impact of the Revolutionary War, and the financial market impact of 9/11.  In other words, “BrExit times Ten.”  Conversely, if Hillary Clinton wins, I not only fear, but guarantee America’s immediate devolution to second world status; which sadly, could easily drop further when her psychotic political, economic, and imperialistic plans are enacted.  Including – again, you’d have to have your head buried in the sand to not see it – the very strong potential for war with Russia.  To that end, the criminality of her team has known no bounds, putting into question everything we have every believed about the true aims of America’s leadership, going back decades.  Heck, if you really want to be scared, watch this vignette about the background of Hillary’s “number one guy” of the past two decades, Huma Abedin – who could easily be White House Chief of Staff if Hillary is elected.

Nowhere has such criminality been more obvious than in the Clinton campaigns’ blatant attempts to steal the election – which fortunately, WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, and countless others (as Bix would put it, the “good guys”) have worked equally relentlessly to counteract.  And whilst this war will continue raging until November 8th, I believe the forces of “good” – for lack of a better word – are overwhelming the forces of evil; which unfortunately, is the perfect word to describe the Clintons and their team of sycophants, hangers-on, and enablers.

More vehemently than ever, going back to my initial prediction of a Trump landslide the day after the BrExit (when I hadn’t yet learned of the rank criminality of the Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party, and their world-destroying “liberal” agenda), I believe Trump will ultimately win.  Or, at the worst, if Hillary does somehow “win,” it will be so illegitimized by fraud allegations and criminal accusations, it will devolve into a political conflagration so spectacular, it will make the Bush/Gore debacle of 2000 look like the proverbial walk in the park.  Which unfortunately, will be but a precursor of what American can look forward to in 2017, no matter who wins; although at least if Trump wins, America has a fighting chance to survive and thrive the coming economic, monetary, and social upheaval, resulting from the collapse of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme.

We – yes, we – need to devote every ounce of our being to spreading the word this week, and helping to ensure this result.  As again, I cannot overemphasize the hell America – and by proxy, as the world’s most imperialistic military, and most destructive money printers – the entire world will immediately experience if Hillary Clinton is somehow in office when the thick, suffocating smoke of political war clears.

The military confrontations all but guaranteed by a factor completely unrelated to America’s political turmoil; not to mention, the similar toppling of “anti-99%” governments in Italy (potentially, next month); France; Germany; Spain; and Greece, to name but a few.  Which is, the freefall in crude oil prices, now that – as I LOUDLY PREDICTED, from day one – the fraudulent OPEC “production freeze” is unceremoniously collapsing.

As I write, WTI crude is trading below $46/bbl, having given up nearly all of its ill-begotten gains since the faux agreement was announced last month.  To that end, now that the worst glut in crude oil history comes more into focus, it is entirely possible that last year’s lows in the mid-$20s will be revisited.  At which point, the economic and financial market ramifications will be too horrifying to consider; likely, serving as a “turbo boost” to the rapidly deteriorating political situation in the Middle East, which could easily catalyze World War III.  Not to mention, the dire situation of oil producers – and by proxy, “commodity currencies” the world round.  Which in turn, will ignite further, horrifyingly destructive currency wars; trade wars; and under a worst-case scenario that is looking more and more “base case-like” with each passing day, military wars.

We have the imploding Central banks.  Which, given my role as a monetary expert, are the principal reason you must protect your financial assets – NOW!  As in, before the election, per what I’ve written of the “BrExit times Ten” effect of what a Trump victory – or heck, even a contested election – would catalyze.  Which, I might add, will be no different if Hillary wins, although the “morning after” financial market impact would clearly be less violent, given that the entire mainstream world (incredibly) expects her to win.

As I wrote in yesterday’s “what will be the Fed’s excuse this time,” the Fed will be forced to punt at today’s FOMC meeting (particularly after today’s horrifying ADP employment report miss); aiming to say nothing, but perhaps feeling compelled to foreshadow blame for why they don’t raise rates December 14th – which equally incredibly, the market believes will occur with 75% certainty (and yet, gold and silver prices are soaring…hmmm).  Again, if Trump wins, said 75% odds will plunge to 0% overnight – likely, accompanied by a $100+/oz gain in gold prices.  Conversely, if Hillary somehow wins, if the Fed were crazy enough to attempt a rate hike December 14th, they will set the financial world on fire like nothing seen in modern times, including 1987, 2000, and 2008.

Prepare for the worst – politically, economically, and monetarily – as trust me, it is no longer inevitable, but imminent.  My friends, we are living through historic times; and unfortunately, by historic, I mean historically terrifying.