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Hail Mary!

In my RANTS, that phrase typically describes end of day PPT propping of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the most psychologically important stock index on Earth.  Generally speaking, of course, it defines an act of desperation, none more so than the last play of a football game, a “do or die” situation with no middle ground.  Either defy the odds with a “miracle” catch in heavy traffic, or succumb to defeat as in 99% of all cases.

Once in a blue moon it works, as it did three weeks ago for the Giants against the supposedly “unbeatable” Green Bay Packers…

…but usually it doesn’t, per the last play of last night’s Super Bowl…

WINNING FRANCHISES, like the New York Giants and the “GATA Army,” find ways to be on the right side of those plays, while LOSING FRANCHISES don’t, more often than not displaying the same lack of sportsmanship as execution.  And no, I’m not calling the Patriots a losing franchise – far from it – but pointing out the karma of doing things the right way and the wrong way, over a long period of time.

I may be a Giants fan, but am not on the Giants, whilst I am a valuable member of the GATA Army, which has been doing things RIGHT for the past 13 years, in WINNING the gold wars year after year.  Thus, in the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday, I am presenting my “GATA GOLDBUGS” ALL-PRO Team:

Head Coach:
The team’s inspirational leader: JIM SINCLAIR
Assistant Coach:
A mastermind of the game’s X’s and O’s: ADRIAN DOUGLAS
(Get well soon!)
The most important player on the team: ERIC SPROTT
Running Back:
Day in, day out, a yard-gaining workhorse: JAMES TURK
The unsung hero, paving the way for those yards to be gained: CHRIS POWELL
Wide Receiver:
Given that he was an actual NFL wide receiver, a no-brainer: BILL MURPHY
Tight End:
The biggest, toughest son of a b*tch on the field: JOHN EMBRY
Left Tackle:
Old reliable, whose job is to protect his quarterback every play: TED BUTLER
Defensive End:
The most destructive, disruptive force on the field: JIM WILLIE
Middle Linebacker:
The guy you’d most want with you in the trenches: BILL HOLTER
Free Safety:
Has the most range on the field, with the most big play capability: RON PAUL
Has ice in his veins, puts it all on the line: ANDREW MCGUIRE

Please note, this is just the “GATA GOLDBUGS” First-Team ALL-PROs.  At some point in the future, I’ll unveil my Second and Third teams!