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My job is to focus on the decline of America’s economy and finances.  However, these tragic trends are perfectly synchronized with the rapid decline of American culture – which each day, morphs us from social envy to outcast.

When I consider how addicted the nation has become to video games, reality shows, texting, Twitter, gossip, and “FIGHT NIGHT”; I am DISGUSTED to no end.  Few and far between are people interested in learning; improving the world; and exercising their minds and bodies.

I do not purport my youth to represent the “good old days” – as EVERYONE does – but rather, recognize an ongoing American trend toward selfishness, sloth, and disrespect.  Sadly, this cancer is spreading across all aspects of society – political, economic, and social.

However, NOTHING angers me more – and represents America’s regression to uncivilized times – than last week’s cowardly decision to send American women into combat zones…

Defense Secretary Panetta to Lift Ban on Women in Combat

Mind you, my ire has NOTHING to do with women’s abilities to handle such situations; as by now, it’s become obvious women can handle anything men can; in many cases, more so

Jon Stewart Rips Criticism of Women Serving Combat Roles in Military

Instead, it speaks to America’s “leading men” showing disdain for the world’s oldest, genetically-encoded instinct – to PROTECT its women.  Trust me, I am as liberal as anyone alive when it comes to social progress; and feel EQUALLY safe with women on the front lines as men.  However, I believe it is man’s duty to shield women from harm’s way; which sadly, the U.S. government no longer respects.

At the height of the murderous U.S. incursion into Iraq five years ago, the Armed Forces were literally mandating extended tours; under innocuously titled Stop-Loss provisions…

DOD data: More forced to stay in Army

At the time, the government feared the necessity of enacting a DRAFT; and thus, felt the “collateral damage” of dead, injured, and traumatized SOLDIERS” was “acceptable” in lieu of a VOTE-DESTROYING draft…

Multiple combat tours linked to mental strain, disease

Today’s military contingent in Iraq is significantly reduced; as now that that innocent nation has been DESTROYED, American troops are no longer “needed”…

U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq: “In Terms of Destroying Iraq, It’s ‘Mission Accomplished'”

However, it’s no secret most of those troops have been deployed to the Persian Gulf; no doubt, in advance of an inevitable showdown with Iran, Israel, and perhaps, many others…

U.S. boosts its military presence in Persian Gulf

Thus, to believe this so-called “altruistic” act was done for ANY reason other than to increase the number of “warm bodies” available to be SHOT is to be naïve beyond comprehension.  In other words, America’s vicious government has now declared war on its women; happy to sacrifice them in their quest to avoid instituting a future DRAFT.

Congrats women!  Thanks to the “kindness” of your government; you, too, can get killed in vain.


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