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Coming from the liberal bastion of New York, I grew up in a major anti-gun culture; aside from those that hunted “upstate.”  Of course, the world was a much safer place – and the GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM significantly healthier; dramatically reducing the necessity of gun ownership.  In fact, my birth in 1970 just preceded abandonment of  the gold standard; and thus, America still had three decades to “charge up its credit card” before the bill came due.

When I moved to Colorado in 2007, I was still anti-gun; and in fact, viewed Michael Moore as a hero after watching Bowling from Columbine.  I still think Michael Moore is a champion of the people; albeit, a misguided one with seriously flawed views.  For one, he believes firmly in socialism – if not communism – and secondly, he is anti-gun.

Here in Colorado, guns are a part of life; not to kill or threaten – but as PROTECTION against an increasingly dangerous society.  As the END GAME of collapsing currencies, exploding unemployment, and god forbid – resource shortage – approaches, one would have to be crazy to not consider arming themselves.  Thus, I am now a proud, registered gun(s) owner; not to mention, Tasers and other sundry weapons.

What inspired this RANT is the rampant fear overtaking America; as clearly, millions are thinking as I am.  Recent mass shootings at Virginia Tech and Aurora, Colorado heightened such fears; but the recent Newtown, Connecticut school shooting is what really turned the tide in most citizens’ minds…

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – December 2012 – Wikipedia

NO ONE that has done more 9/11 research than I ( given I was THERE, and lost DOZENS of friends); and NO ONE is more convinced it was a “false flag” attack – to justify WARS, create PROFITS, steal RIGHTS, and establish the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY.  However, I’ve largely avoided the “conspiracy theory” aspect of Sandy Hook until now; as it didn’t gibe with the focus of my blog.

That said, when I saw essentially ALL stores SOLD OUT of most ammunition, I took a deeper look; and after watching this MUST SEE video, became as convinced about Sandy Hook as 9/11…

The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed

In this case, this “coincidentally timed” attack – just after Obama’s re-election – appears to have been executed to push a gun ban agenda…

Obama Seeks Assault Gun Ban, Background Checks – January 2013

…despite firearms homicides barely registering as a major threat…


The NRA logically associates such proposals as precursors to CONFISCATION…

NRA ad: Obama gun proposals would lead to ‘confiscation – February 2013

…as do millions of panicked Americans

Gun store owner: Ammo sold out after “panic”  -January 23, 2013

…creating ammunition shortages

Walmart Limits Ammunition Sales Because Of Shortage – January 2013

…as the population fears repeal of the Second Amendment
Many Think Obama Wants a Gun Ban: Poll – March 2013

Gun sales have gone parabolic

…as have “background checks”; indicating a further surge in gun purchases…


Gun stocks have been the market’s BEST PERFORMERS; like Smith and Wesson…


…and Storm Ruger…


…as Obama has become the industry’s best-ever “salesman”…

Obama: Best Gun Salesman in History

Remember, my goal is to PROTECT you from what’s coming; a process in which PHYSICAL gold and silver ownership is just one aspect.  As always, my best advice is to consider what might occur if fiat currencies like the dollar collapse; and subsequently, to “prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.”  In this case, I urge you utilize the liberties bestowed upon you by the second amendment – while it still exists – until all AMMUNITION is SOLD OUT.”


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