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Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman

  • Historic ECB decision tomorrow
  • NIRP going crazy, as even Japanese 30-year yield nearing zero, and $7 trillion of sovereign bonds trading at negative yields, DESPITE the PPT-orchestrated stock and commodity rally!
  • Fed next week – Boxed in a corner, as global economy at weakest point since Great Depression
  • Indian silver demand exploded to a record last year, and Chinese imports exploding since last Fall’s lifting on ban of silver concentrates. Meanwhile, U.S. Mint on sale to blow away last year’s record silver Eagle sales. This is why I wrote an article about why the gold/silver ratio is historically overvalued this morning
  • Nearly unprecedented institutional PM demand, as evidenced by last week’s sell-out of the IAU ETF’s shares, and the PSLV closed-end fund now trading at a premium to NAV – per yesterday’s “Admiral Sprott rides again!”

This interview was hosted by Financial Survival Network.