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Anthony Wile: We’ve looked at some of our past interviews with you and would like to take this time to update some of your comments. Let’s start with the “big picture.” Where do you see gold headed this year, upcoming, relative to the dollar? Will the dollar decline against gold … or rise?

Andy Hoffman: I have long maintained – based on empirical proof – that “the dollar’s” level is not only not correlated to “gold,” but shouldn’t even logically have a connection. In fact, two years ago I said the dollar index would surge as the global economy collapsed – which is exactly what has happened, and then some. The reason being, NOT due to U.S. political or economic strength since, to the contrary, the U.S. economy hasn’t been this weak since the Great Depression – but due to the liquidity it retains due to its current (but waning) role as the world’s “reserve currency.”

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