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As you might know I attended the Jim Sinclair Q and A session in Austin on Saturday with Bill Murphy of GATA.  The seminar lasted over 4 hours and we met many smart people and I call them “truth seekers.”  One of these was a well-dressed German fellow who looked to be in his early 40’s.  He came up to Bill Murphy during the first break and asked why GATA had not gotten all of their information out to the regulators and the media?  He said, “The manipulation is so obvious, why don’t you go whistleblower?”  Bill explained that GATA has tirelessly given uncovered information out for years, 16 years now and no one wants to hear it.  Murphy went right down the line, he told of his CNBC appearance that was cut short and him never being allowed to appear since then …  He explained that he and Chris Powell have given the CFTC piles of information, they’ve given multiple “smoking guns” to the press…yet nothing but silence.

Bill even explained that over the years, some reporters have even told him that the word “GATA” (Gold Antitrust Action Committee) could never be printed.  In fact, about the only press over the years has been foreign press.  He told of the 2001 Durban, South Africa trip and the press coverage, the fact that even Russia has carried news of and spoken of GATA…but only silence and suppression of the truth here in the U.S. and Britain.

The German guy wouldn’t give up though (because he’s a stubborn German, I should know as I am the same), he approached Bill 2 more times and couldn’t understand why GATA hasn’t been able to do what their primary mission is, namely exposing the truth about the suppression of gold’s price as part of keeping the markets “tame” (rigged).  GATA’s mission has been merely about “free markets” or I should say the LACK of free markets.  All they want is a free gold price and for that to reflect the “temperature” of markets much like a thermometer.

As I said, the German was stubborn and approached Murphy one last time after the conference…and only then did things start to roll.  It turns out that this guy was quite successful, he retired 6 years ago (presumably in his 30’s) after selling his “headhunting” business.  This is significant because he has ties and acquaintances in the German media…it was GAME ON!  You could see Murphy’s face light up like a Christmas tree!  Could this be possible?  A German who truly understands what has been happening AND a connection to the German media…at a time when Germany has been defaulted on and it appears that their gold is gone?

The 3 of us spent a couple of hours brainstorming as to how to approach this and of course nothing was set in stone but much as an artist sketches an outline…it was drawn up last night.  Bill is going to pull the “entire file” with every piece to the puzzle and every smoking gun that GATA has uncovered over the years.  This “file” will be shown to several journalists in Germany AND also to Bafin.  Bafin if you will recall is the financial regulatory agency that is cracking down on LIBOR, bank fraud and also “gold manipulation.”  Bafin’s President Elke Koenig made the comments last month that “if there is gold manipulation it would be far worse than LIBOR.”

This is a dream come true!  Germany is hungry for any information about gold right now…because they have figured out that theirs is, well, “it’s gone!”  And compiling information about gold and the fraud that has surrounded it for at least 42 years is the only thing that GATA has done for 16 years…except no one wanted to hear it in the U.S., NO ONE.  Chris Powell had already sent this information last month to Bafin with no response from them at all. The plan is to get this information to Bafin “publicly” so that the German populace knows full well that the regulator has all of the smoking guns and 1 media outlet in an exclusive scoop.  This information will be followed by a “presentation” to the German public who are only now beginning to ask questions since the U.S. has dragged its feet on shipping German gold back to its rightful owners.

This will not be a presentation by a bunch of knucklehead conspiracy theorists.  Please understand that GATA has now and has had for quite some time enough information that put together properly paints an absolute masterpiece of who did what and how.  Murphy wants to put together an All Star team to make this presentation; he intends to request that the likes of Jim Sinclair, Eric Sprott, James Turk, John Embry, (a special surprise guest) and others participate.  Please understand that this presentation will not be some sort of “he said she said” or “I think” blah blah blah, no, there is a paper trail evidence of much that has transpired over the years.  There is a “paper trail” in reality for EVERYTHING that has transpired over the years though much of it is hidden and out of sight.  This evidence is NOT out of Bafin’s sight however.

The thought process is this, inform the German people exactly what has happened, why it has happened and where we (they) are now.  This will obviously put some pressure on politicians to get behind this which will pressure the regulators to dig…deep.  We were told last night by our “German friend” that the population is just now beginning to ask questions about their gold, that the media sources that he knows very well may have an interest in this, that there are some politicians (more than just Ron Paul here in the U.S.) already asking these questions and of course Elke Koenig who has already claimed gold manipulation.

It looks to me like “GATA” is all they need.  GATA finally after all these years (of digging for the truth and finding piece after piece after piece and thinking with each one “no one could ignore this”) may have their mission statement accomplished.  Germany is expressing a desire for answers and GATA has them all in one file.  The funny thing is that Bill Murphy and Chris Powell have always said over the years that “once the system collapses, Congress will investigate and we’ll have everything that they need to find out why.”  I’ve even kidded Murphy many times that I can picture him testifying to Congressmen who don’t even have a clue what he’s talking about.  Little did I know that he may end up testifying to a German translator in a foreign land?  I might add that the Germans are also a little ticked off over Angel Merkel being spied on and our wonderful diplomat who said, “Screw the EU… (And we have the nerve to be upset that she was spied on?).

If this does work and I believe it will because Germany is hungry for the truth, the world will change drastically and quickly.  It will surely feel like it’s for the worse in the short run but in the long run, fraud deceit, theft and rigged markets to keep the status quo can never be permanent.  GATA has the “power of truth” behind them, hopefully I am not being naïve and this mission gets accomplished.