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Two weekends ago, I wrote that the world had changed – and thus, the time to protect oneself – both financially and otherwise – had become more urgent than ever.  And not just here in the Secular States of America – where people don’t realize, or for that matter care, how dire the plight of the world’s other 7.2 billion people are is – but everywhere, given the unprecedented political, economic, and monetary ruin overtaking them like a tsunami.  So many terrifying changes are occurring – as symbolized by Rio DeJaneiro declaring a state of emergency two months before the Olympics – it’s becoming difficult to keep up with.  And consequently, I more vehemently than ever believe a major financial market dislocation is in the cards later this year; which, if it occurs, while undoubtedly yield a crippling silver shortage, among other things.

Amidst the carnage, in which stock prices, commodities and currencies – with precious few exceptions, like the PPT-goosed “Dow Jones Propaganda Average”; the trapped rats that are various nations’ “powers that be” are utilizing everything in their arsenals – i.e., money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda – to “restore order,” in a world where political, economic, and social chain reactions are hopelessly headed toward an irreversible state of entropy.  I.e., chaos.

Nowhere is this more evident than in “money” markets, where Precious Metals have never been closer to breaking the Cartel’s 20-year shackles – and unleashing a fury of global fiat currency fear, the scope of which has never before been witnessed.  And likely, never will again – as per last week’s real end game Audioblog, once this, history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme dies, it’s unlikely government-decreed “money” will be accepted for generations to come.  To that end, even a gold standard will likely be untenable in the post-dollar world, as it would require trust in governments to administer; and oh yeah, that governments actually own physical gold.  This is why I strongly believe that whilst PMs will continue to be the world’s best traditional asset preservation assets, the world’s future money will be crypto currencies like Bitcoin; completely decentralized, and detached from government control.

In the meantime, the war to maintain the dying status quo rages on – as blatantly, and destructively, as ever.  And while Bitcoin’s surge has been largely unchecked due to the near impossibility of short-selling, gold and silvers’ respective jumps – to record highs in many currencies, and multi-year highs in the dollar – have been maniacally challenged; every tick, of every trading day.  Unfortunately for the Cartel, the walls are closing around them rapidly, like the trash compactor in Star Wars.  This is why May’s “FOMC Minutes Attack” was, as I predicted, a miserable failure, in that gold recouped all its losses, and silver nearly all, within essentially two weeks.  And after Wednesday’s historically dovish FOMC statement – which will be unquestionably validated by Whirlybird Janet’s semi-annual Congressional testimony tomorrow morning – the last remaining veneer of PM-bearish propaganda died; and with it, not just the Feds’, but all Central banks,’ remaining credibility.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped said “trapped rats” from fighting to their own, mathematically certain deaths.  Like, for instance, using “the dumbest, most desperate manipulation excuse ever” on Thursday to smash gold down, just as it was breaching major overhead resistance at the key round number of $1,300/oz.  Which was, that the murder of Jo Cox, an inconsequential first year MP, by a deranged lunatic fresh out of an insane asylum, was “wildly bearish” for gold and silver.  As if anything is – or will be for years to come; let alone, this.  To that end, the “propaganda meme” conjured up to justify Thursday’s blatant midday paper raid was that her murder, assassination, or whatever you want to call it would somehow lessen the odds of a Brexit this Thursday; and thus, “all will be well” in the UK, Europe, and the entire Western world.

Some people claim, conspiratorially, that she was “sacrificed” by the powers that be for the cause of BrEmain propaganda, which may well be true (we’ll never know).  That said, even if this is the case, it is as lame of a “manipulation excuse” as one can imagine.  I mean, who cares if “Jo Cox” lives or dies, in the context of Britons’ collective views of the referendum?  Let alone, gold and silver prices, which have been rising – worldwide – for dozens of reasons having nothing to do with Brexit, for more than two years (or 16, if one goes back to the bull market’s absolute beginning.  Like, for instance, the explosion of money printing, debt, and political, economic, and social instability that have resulted.

Not to mention, for all the hype about rising Brexit momentum, the Ladbroke’s betting odds on an actual Brexit vote have been in “longshot” territory from minute one.  In other words, there has not been a single day since the referendum was announced last year, that expectations for a Brexit vote were above those of BrEmain, even if several, but not all, recent polls suggested otherwise.  Heck, Citigroup has “priced in” an 88% probability of BrEmain into its financial models – as evidenced by its “extreme” print extremes for the dollar/pound exchange rate, of 1.28 in the case of a Brexit (compared to 1.46 today), and 1.48 in the case of BrEmain.

In other words, whether the vote goes Brexit or BrEmain, financial markets – despite all the fear-mongering propaganda – have been pricing in BrEmain all along; including the day “Jo Cox” was killed, when gold was smashed from $1,315 to $1,280 in a few hours time – “coincidentally,” via the same algorithms the Cartel uses every day.  And certainly last night, when the 148th “Sunday Night Sentiment” raid of the past 154 weeks was executed to smash prices; followed by the 659th “2:15 AM” EST raid of the past 760 trading days, when god forbid, gold attempted to recoup its losses.


That said, silver’s extremely bullish performance during such proceedings has been notable – in that it is actually trading up as I write Monday morning at 11:30 AM EST.  Likely, as I wrote in yesterday’s “Finally, the long-awaited Commercial Signal Failure is Nigh!,” because investors are realizing the Cartel’s all-time high naked short positions were not covered in the past three weeks’ explosive PM rally – making it extremely likely that they will eventually be forced to cover into a rising market.  Likely, sooner rather than later.


As for the vote itself, let’s just put into perspective what it actually means, to “put to bed” the ridiculous notion that Brexit is “bad” for Europe – and global financial markets; and conversely, BreMain would be “good.”  Yes, I stand by my belief that it is the “most important, and PM-bullish, vote in history,” no matter which way it goes.  To that end, one thing I agree with whole-heartedly is that a Brexit vote will hasten the financial market collapse that MUST eventually occur – but perhaps, by mere months, or weeks, in light of “Black Swans” like Deutsche Bank lurking about.  Because, as evidenced by this weekend’s landslide victory by the anti-Euro Five Star Movement in Rome’s mayoral election, simmering nationalist tensions throughout Europe will probably explode if the trend-setting UK leads the way.  That said, these movements are not a “spin-off” of the Brexit movement, but parallel movements fighting the same fights, for the same reasons.  And thus, even if fear-mongering wins the day in Britain – and if they do, I will officially downgrade the UK, like Japan, to second-world status – it won’t have the slightest impact on parallel trends, in countless other European and non-European nations.

In fact, if BrEmain does in fact win, the political, economic, and social death sentence Britain will have given itself – and most of Europe, given the additional strength the unelected EU government will be empowered with – it will, for all intents and purposes, be permanent.  In other words, if you think Europe’s economy has been destroyed now, just think of what a few more years of tyrannical European Commission and ECB rule will cause.

To that end, does anyone realize just how bad things have gotten in Switzerland, since a similar campaign of maniacal propaganda and market manipulation – led by none other than Swiss Bank Chief Thomas Jordan – prevented the Swiss gold referendum from passing in November 2014?  Which, at the time, was described as a “victory” for Switzerland, and the Swiss monetary system.  Well, to start, gold was $1,140/oz on the day of the vote, compared to $1,285 today.  Meanwhile, the ill-begotten, ill-fated Franc/Euro peg – put in place in September 2011, the very day gold prices peaked – was severed less than two months later, despite Jordan’s emphatic claim that the referendum should be rejected so he would have the flexibility to maintain the peg.  Since then, Swiss GDP has flat-lined, as the economy did NOT in fact benefit from this “flexibility” a whit.  Heck, just last month, the exploding Swiss cost of living actually prompted citizens to vote on a “basic income” referendum; which, if passed (thankfully, it didn’t), would have brought “helicopter money” – and likely, hyperinflation – to the world’s most “conservative” financial population.  But hey, now that the Swiss National Bank has “re-allocated” its Euro currency holdings to plunging stocks like Apple, what could possibly go wrong?

In my mind, the Brexit referendum is absolutely the most important vote in global history – in that the near-term fate of hundreds of millions of Europeans is at stake.  Not that the European economy won’t implode anyway – and with it, the European Union and Euro currency.  However, if BrEmain wins that day, the implosion will occur under the auspices of an unelected group of bloodthirsty politicians and Central bankers – as opposed to sovereign nations, which just might have a chance to “defend” themselves.  Either way, the collapse of fiat currency that commenced long before the referendum was announced will accelerate; as well as the explosion of Precious Metals demand that will inevitably destroy the hideous, economy-deforming, price-suppressing Cartel.  Which is why, again, it’s so pathetically ridiculous to believe gold and silver prices would decline a penny due to “Jo Cox’s” death – let alone, surge higher as they should, and WILL.