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How blatant has the manipulation become in “2016, the Cartel’s last stand?”  Take a look at the silver charts on Thursday and Friday, and tell me if anything appears “familiar.”


Better yet, take a gander at last night’s 140th “Sunday Night Sentiment” capping of the past 146 weekends; and 627th “2:15 AM” raid of the past 719 trading days.  Again, does anything appear “similar?”


Yes, this is what a pre-programmed “suppression algo” looks like – in contrast to the dead ringer “support algo” that props up the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” on roughly 90% of all trading days.  Don’t think so?  I first wrote of it four years ago!  Here’s it in action on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday last week, by the way.


And here’s the polar opposite “trading” action in gold – of being capped or attacked at “2:15 AM” each day last week, and either smashed or “walked down” as the New York trading day progressed – as the Cartel maniacally defends its 2½ month “line in the sand” at $1,250/oz.


This, as silver was breaking to new highs for the year – despite it, too, being capped or attacked all five days of the week, at both 2:15 AM and some point in the latter stages of New York trading.  But hey, not only is this the “Cartel’s last stand,” but the lead up to tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) COMEX options expiration, and Wednesday’s potential “day of Central bank infamy.”  Not to mention, the Cartel is trying to adjust to its 2½ month silver line in the sand at $16/oz being smashed to oblivion, by attempting to “dig in” at $17/oz.  By the way, for all of you silver manipulation aficionados, GATA contacted the CFTC to ask what they thought about Deutsche Bank’s admission that they suppressed gold and silver for the past 15 years…and they claimed to not be aware of it!


It will all fail, of course – like every attempt to manipulate markets throughout history.  And by the way, take a look at the chart of that “other alternative currency” – Bitcoin – which as I write, is on the verge of a major technical breakout above $450.  Gee, its chart looks a lot like gold’s from 1979-2004, just before it surged fivefold – only compressed into a mere 2½ years!  Why do I bring it up, you ask?  Not just because I’ve been very vocal about taking a (small) position in it early this year – upon news that negative interest rates and the “war on cash” were going global; but because I believe worldwide fear of monetary inflation and capital controls is dramatically escalating.

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As for today’s topic, am I “going out on a limb” in making such a prediction – regarding Wednesday’s dual policy-setting meetings of the Fed and Bank of Japan?  Perhaps, but perhaps not.  I mean, it’s not likely they will produce anything “unexpected” – particularly the Fed, which is expected to maintain interest rates at 0.25%, and espouse the same dovishness as at its March 16th policy meeting, and Janet Yellen’s hyper-inflationary New York Economic Club speech of March 29th.  That said, Haruhiko Kuroda is anticipated to unleash something “new”; likely, in the form of increased equity QE, if not equity plus fixed income.

In other words, the combined effect will undoubtedly scream of an escalation of the “final currency war,” putting us one day closer to the moment that whatever “confidence” in Central bank omniscience still remains is violently, and permanently, shattered.  Will Wednesday be Janet Yellen and/or Hiruhiko Kuroda’s “Jimmy Shaker Day (for those that have seen Mel Gibson’s Ransom movie)?  I don’t know, but without doubt, it’s coming soon.  And when it does, if you haven’t already protected yourself with real money, it will already be too late.

P.S.  Wow, Wow, WOW!  Just as I finished editing, this incredible article appeared on Zero Hedge, proclaiming that the Bank of Japan now is one of the Top 10 holders of 90% of all Japanese stocks!!!!!!!!  My god, is this how it all ends – in a flaming ball of Atlas Shrugged-like lunacy?  And will the Bank of Japan’s likely announcement that it will buy more – perhaps, twice as much – equity, launch said “end game?”