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This past week was a huge inflection point for the global banking system.  As you know, Barclays is going through the ringer over manipulating the LIBOR rate (London Inter Bank Offer Rate) and have implicated the Bank of England in the process.  Now it seems that both JP Morgan and Citibank are being investigated also.  One must now wonder how long it will be before someone being “squeezed” will point a finger at the New York Fed or The Fed itself.  It is more than obvious that this runs all the way to the Fed as EVERYTHING else is manipulated, why would (possibly) THE most important interest rate on the planet be left to market forces and NOT be manipulated?  Very easy question with the simplest of answers.  This news on it’s own is bad enough but not the biggest news.

The “inflection point” that I mentioned above was not the spread of the LIBOR investigations.  No, this inflection point is the spread of “glitches”.  Back in early June, BNI, a bank in Italy “closed”, supposedly until July 3rd.  It has not reopened and now is saying that July 31 they will reopen.  Let’s call that “glitch #1”.  Then, a couple of weeks back, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland)- NatWest and Ulster Bank were hit by a “computer glitch” that still today affects a supposed 100,000 clients (maybe they forgot a zero or two?) and all of Ulster’s clients are affected.  “2nd glitch.”

RBS computer glitch: Ulster Bank customers still hit by crisis

So, “cash” is tight in Scotland and Northern Ireland because of a “glitch”.  Then, yesterday, Sperbank, the largest bank in Russia (more than double its next competitors size) got “glitched” and are not processing any debit or credit card transactions.

RBS ‘Glitch’ Goes Airborne As Biggest Russian Bank Halts All Credit, Debit Card Operations

(3 glitchy stikes?) This morning I woke up to hear that Deutsche Postank AG has all of its ATM’s down (which was how BNI started).  This “glitch” really perked my ears as now there are too many, “glitches” to be a coincidence.

This, while JP Morgan and “the squid” Goldman Sachs have closed their European money market funds to new investments as Europe cut rates effectively to zero.  They will only accept liquidation orders now, does this sound like a “functioning” credit market to you?  Are there any more questions as to whether or not a NIRP (negative interest rate policy) can kick start an economy?  Actually, the only questions that should be asked are the type that query how long it will take for a NIRP to create a massive bank run on it’s own.  Forget about the “glitches” making the herd a little nervous and squirrely, no, just ask yourself how long you would leave cash in a bank if they, charged you each year for the use of your money?  Then, add in the “glitch factor” and wondering whether or not your “shrinking” (because of NIRP) bank account will be one of the next “unlucky” ones.

So…we have the herd being spooked from 2 different directions which are both the result of…an insolvent global banking system.  The symptoms can now be seen from the four corners of Europe (literally) and I cannot imagine more than a week, maybe 2 before people start connecting the dots and RUN!  Add in the fact that fraud in the form of total manipulation of everything is in the process of being made public and you have a recipe for outright PANIC!  I have maintained all along that this is where we were headed, an “un”-scheduled bank holiday.  It is now in the process of happening before your very own eyes.

I will leave you with these thoughts, Gold is money, Silver is poor man’s money, fiat cash is trash and “he who panics first, panics best”.

To put it bluntly, the shit house is coming down.  It is coming down RIGHT NOW and HAPPENING right now.  This is not a “prospective event” that I “think” is going to happen.  Mathematically it HAD to happen sooner or later, it is now “later” as the system has been held together for years with bubble gum and baling wire.  Watch now as the “glitches” become contagious and the herd starts to stampede. The “rigs” will all be lost and as my Dad used to tell me, “water will seek its own level and the cream will rise to the top”.  Everything will be revalued, new currencies will be brought forth and the “cream” will rise to natural and approved levels by Mother Nature.  Today’s era of current financial, political and social perversions will live in infamy and become more famous than all combined that came before it.