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I think that nearly everyone has at least 5 people in their life that they genuinely care about.  The chances are that all 5 of these people look at you crossed eyed and think that you are a complete lunatic when the words “gold or silver” comes out of your mouth.  I am writing this now because the holiday season is upon us and if not already at Thanksgiving, the chances are good that you will either see or be in contact with them soon.

So what is it that I’m getting at?  I am suggesting that you forward my/our writings to the people that you care about.  You can’t “just send the link” and forget about it hoping that the receiver will magically “get it.”  If you are reading this now then it is clear that you already “get it” but most probably your loved ones don’t.  I am suggesting that you speak with or contact your loved ones and explain that “you care about them”…which is why you would like to forward our information and put them on our mailing list.

This is a little “self-serving” from our standpoint because yes, we do hope to sell some silver and gold to these new potential prospects.  But, isn’t that what these people need to do to protect themselves?  I am suggesting that you put “our” writings in front of those who haven’t figured it out yet because we don’t write in any “hocus pocus” style.  We write “down to Earth” (hopefully) and try to use common sense and logic.  I would hope that most of the time an intelligent 5th or 6th grader could understand what we write.  We try to simply state the facts and connect the dots which pretty much ALL point to a banking system, financial system and economy that is on the verge of outright collapse.

Do some of our forecasts and writings come across as “doom and gloom?”  Well, yes but that is the nature of the subject.  Did we put an unsustainable monetary and financial system into place?  No, we did not.  I guess it is best said, “Please don’t blame us for telling the truth.”  I am not delusional and think that this is a manner to “save the world.”  It is however a way to try to help those in YOUR world.  If they think that you are a “crazy” because of the way or manner you have tried to explain the current situation then try in a different way.  I would also say that the time (though I believe short) is correct for many more to figure out (be shown) what’s happening.  The mainstream is losing face because their “story” has not unfolded and has become even less credible with the passage of time while the “crazy” story now looks like and resembles the reality.

So, please speak with your loved ones and ask them if you can send them our common sense reports of where things stand, where they inevitably are going and why gold is your only insurance.  I would also add that by doing this now you will lessen the need to “support” them in the future.  Think about it, if your sister, brother, mother, father, best friend or whoever came to you for help after a financial disaster…could you turn them away?  No, but if they did something for themselves now then they will be more self-sufficient later!

The odds are pretty good that even with this effort you will still come across as the “family lunatic” but all you can do is try.  When all is said and done YOU will be the one that your family looks to for help, all you can do is “try” to help while the opportunity still exists.