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I have to admit, my heart just isn’t “into it” this morning – as frankly, the past 24 hours, Precious Metals mini-surge notwithstanding, has had the feel of a giant financial market and media “holding pattern” ahead of tonight, when easily the most important debate in modern American history occurs.  As, irrespective of how egregiously the election has been rigged thus far, no level of fraud, deception, or spin will be able to lift Hillary Clinton to the “high ground” if Donald Trump, who has sounded a lot more Presidential in the campaign homestretch, delivers the political beating I anticipate.

To that end, it’s becoming clearer each day that the forces of “good,” as Bix Weir would call them, who are quite obviously as vested in a Trump victory as the “bad guys” are for Hillary, are just getting started in their campaign to hail the digital airwaves with damning anti-Clinton disclosures.  As if the full-length documentary Clinton Cash, which documents the hideous, traitorous charity fraud of the Clinton Foundation isn’t bad enough; or Anonymous’ “Hillary Clinton, Career Criminal, which documents every sordid scandal of her public life aren’t bad enough; let alone, thousands of horrifying WikiLeaks emails, including first-hand descriptions of the treason and cover-up of her email scandal; and undeniable proof that the White House, corporate media, and Wall Street are using Goebbels-esque propaganda and lies to smear Donald Trump.  This, as the Clinton campaign vocally taunts and threatens Russia, via rhetoric so caustic and aggressive, it’s difficult to conceive America not launching a major war if she is elected.

That said, and I’m sure much more damning information is to come, NOTHING compares to the sheer shock value of the twin Project Veritas videos released in the past two days, unequivocally proving that the Clinton campaign is, and has been for years, committing election fraud so heinous, and blatant, it, frankly, makes Watergate appear trivial.  Yes, Watergate, which for my entire life has been held out to be the “gold standard” of Federal crime; only this time, it appears to be, unlike Watergate, a widespread, highly organized collaboration between the White House, the Democratic Party, and the Clinton campaign.

In the first episode, released yesterday, courageous undercover Veritas reporters exposed how a shadowy, yet indisputably hierarchical chain of Clinton campaign and Democratic Party operatives systematically “birddog” Donald Trump, attempting to incite violence at his rallies and create anti-Trump sound bites to send to the corrupt corporate media.  But yesterday’s second episode, recounting equally widespread voter fraud, across dozens of states by highly organized operatives, is even more damning – to the point that even CNN reported on it last night; particularly when it was learned that the head Mafioso, Bob Creamer, an ex-con who just happens to be married to a Democratic Congresswoman from Illinois, has personally visited fellow Illinoisan Obama, at the White House, more than 200 times.  And the best part is that, like WikiLeaks, Project Veritas promises more such exposés in the weeks leading up to the election; likely, each worse than the last.

Why am I spending so much time on the election, you ask?  Well, for one, I have a canny sense of what the most important topic of the day is, as pertains to my work.  But, more importantly, it doesn’t take rocket science to realize the fate of the nation – let alone, the gold Cartel’s ability to suppress Precious Metals much longer, rests on whether the “powers that be” are able to continue raping and pillaging our nation, financial markets, and personal freedoms, by rigging the election enough to enable Hillary Clinton to win.  In my view, re-taking the country I have lived in for 46 years – and which hopefully, my daughter will for 90 – is my top priority; as it should be yours, for my American readers.  Not to mention, the similar scenarios taking place overseas – as hopefully, foreign readers follow in the footsteps of the British; and hopefully, us; by restoring fair and honest leadership to a political world turned evil.  And if you happen to be a Precious Metal holder as well – which many, if not most of you are, there’s a powerful “double incentive” to spread the word of political liberation!

As for that other reason to own Precious Metals, that little thing called the crumbling global economy, we learned last night that China printed another $250 billion in September alone, to “lend” to collapsing state-owned entities and further expand history’s largest real estate bubble, in a desperate attempt, like the Fed, ECB, and all other Central banks, to create “growth” in anything, damn the consequences.  I mean, China’s debt, in less than a decades’ time, when including state-owned enterprises – the majority of which cannot service their liabilities – has tripled to more than $30 trillion, as China’s real economy has collapsed; creating the most egregious, systematic oversupply in economic history.

Meanwhile, we “coincidentally” learned that foreign Central banks, led by China, continued to sell U.S. Treasuries at an historic, accelerating pace – of nearly $350 billion in the past 12 months alone.  Naturally, to generate cash, putting tremendous pressure on the Fed to maintain ultra-low interest rates, particularly now that the PBOC, mere weeks after securing the Yuan’s place in the IMF’s strategic currency basket, is actively devaluing anew.  Thus, if anyone actually believes the Fed aims to tighten monetary policy – let alone, as economic data worsens with each passing day (look at today’s hideous housing starts plunge), I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.  Unless, of course, Bix is right that there actually is a plan to destroy America, which with each passing day appears more and more likely.  To which point, I again ask, why I am I spending so much time on the election?  Easy, because if such a plan actually exists – including war with Russia; crashing financial markets (and “systemically dangerous institutions” like Deutsche Bank); and who knows what else, it’s going to be a lot harder to execute with Donald Trump in charge, than Hillary Clinton.

Politically, economically, and socially, the “horrible headlines” keep coming, at a pace, and level of intensity, unlike anything we’ve encountered in generations.  Only this time, they are accompanied by the rapidly expanding implosion of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme – which, with each passing day, increasingly threatens to succumb to the “Big One” we all know is coming.  Which frankly, many “lesser” nations are amidst as we speak, having seen their currencies violently plunge in the past two years.  And whilst this turmoil occurs, gold, silver, and to a lesser extent platinum sit inertly – “watching the show,” so to speak, and waiting for their turn to re-take the “once and future king” status they have held over the monetary realm for time memorial.  As even if some “new form of money” takes hold in the future – such as, for example, crypto-currencies (which incidentally, is how I envision things) – it is unlikely any asset class will be able to match, or even challenge, the time immemorial wealth protection function Precious Metals have unfailingly provided throughout history.

And with each passing day that the Cartel cannot push prices meaningfully below gold and silver’s rising 200 day moving averages of $1,263/oz and $17.22/oz, respectively, the rapidly increasing forces of demand (India’s annual “buying season” starts NOW) are going to make it increasingly likely that a final, historic bottom has been created.  Let alone if Trump wins – which, as I noted last month, I believe would have the financial market impact of “BrExit times ten.”  Which potentially, in my very strong view, could be the event that ends, or at least severely disables, the Cartel’s two-decade reign of terror, starting when Bill Clinton appointed Robert Rubin as Treasury Secretary in 1995, followed by Larry Summers in 1999.

To that end, let’s all just sit back, relax, watch the WikiLeaks and Project Veritas exposés, and pray Donald Trump can inflict enough damage tonight, to reset “expectations” of what might occur on the potentially historic day of November 8th!