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Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman

Marketing Director

Andy CFA joined Miles Franklin as Marketing Director in October 2011. Prior to joining the company, he spent 16 years on Wall Street, and five in the mining business. He has been writing free missives about Precious Metals, markets, and economics since 2004.

PiMBEEBA-A-LOOZA, Part II, And An Important Personal Message

I’ve been working hard, very hard.  As in, not an hour of the day goes by, 24/7, that I’m not scouring the internet for incremental information; downloading articles; reading and analyzing them; preparing my next article, podcast, or presentation.  This, while performing my other duties, as the Marketing Director of one of America’s oldest, most trusted bullion dealers.  To that end, I wrote every day during my vacation – and wake each morning before 4:00 AM, nearly never at the prompt of my alarm clock. The reason being, that not only do I want to succeed at my job – and thus, overcome a lifelong fear of failure; but educate you of the fraud and deception emanating from the “evil Troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the (fake news) Mainstream Media.  Which cumulatively, will do anything – legal or illegal, ethical or unethical; toward the end of maintaining power over a dying status quo, and helping the “1%” separate the “99%” from their money.  Or at the least, create such a dramatic wealth disparity; whilst inadvertently hyper-inflating the cost of living; that even those that appear to be “winning,” are in the big picture losing significant chunks of economic...

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Historic Unsustainability

Yesterday was a tough one, no doubt about it.  Not that many of us didn’t suspect it was coming, given how much ammunition the Cartel has used to first, prevent Precious Metals from breaching their 200-week moving averages; and subsequently, their 5½ year downtrend...

The Future Of Money, And Wealth Storage

Don’t kid yourself.  “Paper PM investments” will be under attack for as long as financial markets function – and thus, even when physical gold and silver inevitably win their war with the purveyors of fraudulent fiat currency and “financial markets”, there’s no...

Last Chance For France

Before I get started, I must recommend that this weekend, you listen to yesterday’s third installment of the Miles Franklin Silver All-Star Panel Webinar – hosted by myself, and featuring David Morgan, Steve St. Angelo, and Craig Hemke.  Nowhere on the internet – much...

Gold Shortage & Economic Wars

Favorite expert guest Andy is back with his critical analysis of recent events in gold & silver as well as European political crises and world economic warfare accelerating as we speak. Make sure to stick through to discover the real gold shortage finally...

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