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Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman


Andy has been a prominent figure in the financial services industry for 25+ years. Andy has distinguished himself as a reputable speaker on economics, global investing, and foreign currencies. Andy recommends himself and his team to assist you with all your precious metals investments. License #40388380 1-800-255-1129 w

Bitcoin Buying And Bullion Swaps-The Wisdom Of Experience

Alright, let’s start by getting the B.S. out of the way – of how stocks are rising, and bullion falling, due to the “diminished Korean threat.”  To start with, amidst supposed investor “terror” of nuclear Armageddon, the VIX, even at its most “terrifying” point, barely rose – whilst the stock market had exactly one bad day; during which, care of the PPT, the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average”  fell just 0.93%.  Conversely, the “safe-haven surge” into PMs produced exactly one violation of the gold Cartel’s long-standing “1% rule”; during which, gold rose by…drum roll please….1.2%.  After which, stocks surged back to their PPT-supported highs – whilst paper PMs, during one of the thinnest trading weeks of the year, were smashed back down.  To that end, today was the perfect time to publish a “soft data” surprise, via the “Empire State Manufacturing Index.”  Which, along with the “Chicago PMI” and “Philly Fed Index,” is one of the most blatantly fabricated “indicators” I follow. During such periods of ultra-thin trading, the massive deflationary trends destroying the global economy are magically “forgotten” by Wall Street and the MSM – like plunging consumer demand and...

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Your PM Portfolio Check-UP

When I look at the precious metals markets all I see are the numerous anomalies that are screaming value and opportunity.  The constant machinations of the bullion banks manipulating the markets and holding back Mother Nature has created distortions in the market...

Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments joined us today. For those of you not aware, Miles Franklin is a major bullion dealer, the only one licensed and regulated by the State of Minnesota. Andy sees 5 opportunities right now in precious...

Is Gold an Investment? No….It’s Wealth

Gold is not an investment, it is intrinsic wealth based on 6,000 years of history. Gold is beautiful, does not tarnish, can’t go bankrupt.  Gold can be stretched into a sheet so thin it is translucent and pulled into a strand narrower than a human hair.  Gold...

A Word From Andy Schectman

For many years, the willingness of the world to accept dollars has been the key to the prosperity in the United States. Think about just how crazy it is that dollars created by the world’s biggest debtor nation, with nothing backing their value but the Government’s...

Interview – Jayant Bhandari – India, Chaos, and Gold Restrictions

{Interview} Jayant Bhandari – India, Chaos, and Gold Restrictions Jayant Bhandari, the host of highly acclaimed Capitalism & Morality sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven & Probable to discuss the current events unfolding in India since Nov. 8, when...

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