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Posts from Chris Marcus

Is China Moving Forward With The Petroyuan?

In recent months rumors have swirled that China may be on the verge of launching the PetroYuan, a setup that would allow them to purchase oil without using dollars. Now there are reports from Zero Hedge and OilPrice.com that the contract system is being tested, and...

Government Loses $21 Trillion….Yes….$21 Trillion

Just when you reach the point where you think there's nothing left out of government that can still surprise you, news breaks that they’ve lost $21 trillion. Yes. You heard that correctly. $21 trillion. Not $21 million, or $21 billion. But $21 trillion. Michigan State...

Is A December Rate Hike Fait Accompli?

The Federal Reserve is holding another policy meeting this week and financial markets are pricing in that a 25 basis point rate hike is almost guaranteed. Yet given recent Fed commentary, it seems like the move is hardly fait accompli. That a rate hike would be a...

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