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David Schectman

David Schectman


Prior to founding Miles Franklin, David was a Senior Broker at a well-known firm where trained the firm’s 60 plus brokers in economic theory and appeared regularly on national radio and at major investment seminars. David continues to educate buyers and provide investment strategies through blog posts and contributions to the Miles Franklin Newsletter.

The Right Question…

Last week I mentioned that my grandson Josh (Andy’s boy) was accepted at McGill University in Montreal, the University of Indiana’s business school and the University of Michigan.  He is interested in pursuing a degree in business and is taking all the requisite (advanced) classes in economics. He called me yesterday and asked me, “Which Fed Policy would be better, Quantitative Easing or Tapering and what can be done to make things better?”  Geese Louise!  When I was his age the only question I would ask is where is the party this weekend and who is supplying the beer.  After thinking about his question for a moment, I replied, “Josh, that is the wrong question!”  A couple of better  question would be: (1) “Why should the Fed be allowed to enact untested policies – like Quantitative Easing and Tapering in an attempt to increase or shrink the money supply?”  (2) “Why should the Fed be allowed to increase or drop short-term interest rates in an effort to micro manage the economy?  I also asked him (3) if he understood what has happened to the value of the Dollar and to our National Debt since we went off of the Gold Standard in 1970? This is all new to him of course, because...

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Manipulation Has the Upper Hand for Now

Just about the time I was starting to wonder what happened to Larry Edelson, up pops his latest release. He starts off with the prediction that the bull market is not over and gold will top $5,000 but first, gold will test the $1,000 level by the end of the year or by next spring – then, off to the races.

Inflation or Deflation?

I recently sent an email to a friend who is seriously involved in the stock market. He still watches Kramer and two other shows on CNBC. He never misses a single day. I pointed out that a lot of investors have left the stock market and no longer watch CNBC. He replied, “Good, that means there are fewer people to buy the stocks I want so they will be cheaper.”

The Demise of the Dollar

I have a great deal of respect for Ted Butler and his first rate analysis of the silver market. I feature his quotes three times a week. Well, in Today’s Featured Articles Section below, Butler finally comes around and acknowledges that the silver market is manipulated.

Inflation Is Headed Our Way

My feelings all along were that when the ever-swelling “beneath the Middle Class” segment of Americans who subsist on unemployment and welfare checks can no longer afford the basics –medicine, housing and food – any “spark” will ignite more “Fergusons” across America.

More Potential “Black Swans” Out There

We had our 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday. We have a hard time believing that 50 years can go by so quickly. Here is a picture below of my wife Susan (on the right) with her two best Minneapolis friends, followed by a picture of me with two of my oldest and closest friends

Quotes of the Day

“My prediction for the rest of the year is for gold to go higher, but in a choppy fashion. The last time that we talked, gold, silver, and a large number of resource equities had just experienced a quick run-up. At the time, I suggested that the market probably needed...

Truth Is Gold Has Already Bottomed

My wife didn’t seem to understand the difference between “the bottom is in” and “there could be another correction.” If Susan is confused on this issue, I figure many of our readers are, because Susan is very up on what is happening.

Why Did Gold Go Up $50 Last Thursday?

Could it be that the markets are sensing that inflation is becoming a real problem in America? Are the big money boys finally starting to realize that the Federal Reserve is creating dollars out of thin air and it will become inflationary? Maybe so.

New Highs Will Be Achieved In Silver

Jim Sinclair predicts that the bottom in gold is definitely in and gold could hit $1,550 this summer and $1900 – $2,000 is in its sights in 2014. Silver is gold on steroids. It goes up faster when gold is rising and it falls harder when gold is correcting. New highs will be achieved in silver in 2014.

It’s An Easy Call

We are contemplating a new policy here at Miles Franklin. Should we PAY YOU for buying gold and silver from us? No firm decision has been made at this time, but hey, if it’s good enough for Draghi and the EU banks, maybe they’re onto something big over there. We will explore all options.

The Bottom Is In and the Move Up Is Here

Larry Edelson is now profoundly bullish on gold. The bottom is in and the move up is here, now. His predicted bottom, around $1,000 never materialized, but it is nice to see his near three-year bearish stance on gold has flipped back to bullishness.

Gold And Silver Perform Best during Periods of Uncertainty

I am no expert on this subject, but I have heard from friends who are in “the trenches” that Obamacare is a disaster. Our closest friend in Miami is a very successful cardiologist. He bemoans the fact that they now have to wait for months to get paid for their claims by the insurance companies. It’s never been this bad. He says Obamacare is forcing many doctors out of business.