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David Schectman

David Schectman


Prior to founding Miles Franklin, David was a Senior Broker at a well-known firm where trained the firm’s 60 plus brokers in economic theory and appeared regularly on national radio and at major investment seminars. David continues to educate buyers and provide investment strategies through blog posts and contributions to the Miles Franklin Newsletter.

Side-Step the Financial and Political Circus

David’s Commentary It’s a small sample size, but recently, gold and silver started to move up along with the stock market is. In the big picture, gold and the Dow move in opposite directions. Who are buying stocks now? The hedge funds will buy and sell on a headline, A quote from the Fed or on major moving average changes, but I can’t help but wonder if a nudge or two from the PPT to halt and fall and get it moving up isn’t the real energy behind this? That’s right out of JPMorgan’s playbook. Silver is such a small market that it is easy for JPMorgan to short silver until the price drops sufficiently for the managed money hedge funds to join in on the selling. They are the momentum moving the market, or specifically in this case, capping the rallies. There is no “long-term” to this market. It’s a day-traders play pen. Even if stocks move up, in the short-term, if you participate you are playing a form of Russian Roulette. Just hope that you can get out before it’s too late. At some point, a pull back or correction will turn out to be a collapse. Just like silver in 2012 The end game is clear. Debt is being monetized globally and every currency in the world is expanding...

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Historical Review

I keep hearing comments about how poorly gold has performed compared to the stock market. "If I had only put my money into the stock market instead of gold, I'd be far better off." Yes, that is true if you knew how the stock market and gold would have performed in...

Early Morning Thoughts

I got up early this morning – 5:30 Eastern Time here in Boca Grande, FL.  Gold was up $12.30 to $1073.30.  Silver was up $0.14 to $13.97.  That’s a nice way to start off the New Year. Susan and I have been staying with our friends Jim and Diane Cook in Boca Grande...

Response To Martin Armstrong’s Comments

One of our clients sent us a quote from Martin Armstrong (Armstrong Economics) and asked us what we though about it. Here is what Armstrong wrote: Quote from Armstrong Economics Blog "Dealers will not ship any coins, even collector coins, to Minnesota. Why? Because...

Central Banks Could Lose Control of Fiat Money Creation

Why did gold and silver get hammered during the low volume trading hours leading up to Thanksgiving? My friend, Trader David R, who is a professional trader with a view from the inside says, “The commodity funds sold gold and silver to raise capital to meet their massive margin calls on underwater positions in commodities – especially oil and copper.“

Smart Money Knows Where This Is Headed

This recent mid-term election offers all the proof you need to see that most Americans are fed up with the way things are headed. They may not know the reality of it (as hopefully you do), but they know things are not headed in the right direction.

Deflation Is On Our Doorstep

I have been reading many articles that state deflation is on our doorstep and inflation is no longer a concern. Harry Dent is one of the strongest proponents of deflation. And the Elliott Wave crown has re-surfaced.

Gold And Silver Will Win

There is a new “official” policy in effect to screen flights to the U.S. (especially from West Africa) for people who exhibit Ebola-like symptoms, such as a fever or the flu. Have we gone too far with this? I remember a story my father told me when I was very young.

Manipulation Has the Upper Hand for Now

Just about the time I was starting to wonder what happened to Larry Edelson, up pops his latest release. He starts off with the prediction that the bull market is not over and gold will top $5,000 but first, gold will test the $1,000 level by the end of the year or by next spring – then, off to the races.

Inflation or Deflation?

I recently sent an email to a friend who is seriously involved in the stock market. He still watches Kramer and two other shows on CNBC. He never misses a single day. I pointed out that a lot of investors have left the stock market and no longer watch CNBC. He replied, “Good, that means there are fewer people to buy the stocks I want so they will be cheaper.”

The Demise of the Dollar

I have a great deal of respect for Ted Butler and his first rate analysis of the silver market. I feature his quotes three times a week. Well, in Today’s Featured Articles Section below, Butler finally comes around and acknowledges that the silver market is manipulated.