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David Schectman

David Schectman


Prior to founding Miles Franklin, David was a Senior Broker at a well-known firm where trained the firm’s 60 plus brokers in economic theory and appeared regularly on national radio and at major investment seminars. David continues to educate buyers and provide investment strategies through blog posts and contributions to the Miles Franklin Newsletter.

Your “Cash” Is Currency…. My “Cash” Is Gold And Silver.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank published an interesting investment-strategy note in July. It was titled “Is the dollar’s “exorbitant privilege” coming to an end?” It explored the US dollar’s longstanding status as the world’s dominant reserve currency, which is waning. The conclusion reached was “we believe the dollar could lose its status as the world’s dominant currency (which could see it depreciate over the medium term) due to structural reasons as well as cyclical impediments.” – Adam Hamilton Silver was closed at $17.08 spot, up 65.5 cents from Tuesday. Net volume was the highest I’ve ever seen in this precious metal at just over 147,500 contracts. – Ed Steer  David’s Commentary (In Blue): All these gains in gold and silver and the retail buyer still haven’t showed up at the party. Gold and silver sales from the U.S. Mint are at a near standstill. Our wholesalers tell us they’ve never experienced business this slow. You wouldn’t know it here at Miles Franklin. Our business has been robust. Go figure. Hats off to our loyal clients. The retail business (especially in the U.S.) is the tail of the elephant. For now, the demand is for paper gold and silver in...

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The Big Picture

David's Commentary: I receive a lot of Emails from our readers. I try and answer all of them. Every so often, I get one that will resonate with our audience.  Here is the Email: From: Arlie S Subject: Re: Stuck in the Twentieth Century Good morning David, I have...

Stuck In The Twentieth Century

David's Commentary: For the last 35 years hardly a day has gone by that I didn’t spent time reading about the economy, precious metals, the dollar and much more. I learned to process the information through a “doom and gloom” filter. Fortunately, although there have...

The Right Question…

Last week I mentioned that my grandson Josh (Andy’s boy) was accepted at McGill University in Montreal, the University of Indiana’s business school and the University of Michigan.  He is interested in pursuing a degree in business and is taking all the requisite...

Important Message From David Schectman

Andy Hoffman will no longer be contributing to our newsletter or blog for Miles Franklin.  We appreciate everything Andy has done for Miles Franklin.  He is very talented, and encyclopedic when it comes to facts and past industry history. I discovered Andy nearly a...

Historical Review

I keep hearing comments about how poorly gold has performed compared to the stock market. "If I had only put my money into the stock market instead of gold, I'd be far better off." Yes, that is true if you knew how the stock market and gold would have performed in...

Early Morning Thoughts

I got up early this morning – 5:30 Eastern Time here in Boca Grande, FL.  Gold was up $12.30 to $1073.30.  Silver was up $0.14 to $13.97.  That’s a nice way to start off the New Year. Susan and I have been staying with our friends Jim and Diane Cook in Boca Grande...

Response To Martin Armstrong’s Comments

One of our clients sent us a quote from Martin Armstrong (Armstrong Economics) and asked us what we though about it. Here is what Armstrong wrote: Quote from Armstrong Economics Blog "Dealers will not ship any coins, even collector coins, to Minnesota. Why? Because...

Central Banks Could Lose Control of Fiat Money Creation

Why did gold and silver get hammered during the low volume trading hours leading up to Thanksgiving? My friend, Trader David R, who is a professional trader with a view from the inside says, “The commodity funds sold gold and silver to raise capital to meet their massive margin calls on underwater positions in commodities – especially oil and copper.“

Smart Money Knows Where This Is Headed

This recent mid-term election offers all the proof you need to see that most Americans are fed up with the way things are headed. They may not know the reality of it (as hopefully you do), but they know things are not headed in the right direction.

Deflation Is On Our Doorstep

I have been reading many articles that state deflation is on our doorstep and inflation is no longer a concern. Harry Dent is one of the strongest proponents of deflation. And the Elliott Wave crown has re-surfaced.

Gold And Silver Will Win

There is a new “official” policy in effect to screen flights to the U.S. (especially from West Africa) for people who exhibit Ebola-like symptoms, such as a fever or the flu. Have we gone too far with this? I remember a story my father told me when I was very young.