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David Schectman

David Schectman


Prior to founding Miles Franklin, David was a Senior Broker at a well-known firm where trained the firm’s 60 plus brokers in economic theory and appeared regularly on national radio and at major investment seminars. David continues to educate buyers and provide investment strategies through blog posts and contributions to the Miles Franklin Newsletter.

Your “Cash” Is Currency…. My “Cash” Is Gold And Silver.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank published an interesting investment-strategy note in July. It was titled “Is the dollar’s “exorbitant privilege” coming to an end?” It explored the US dollar’s longstanding status as the world’s dominant reserve currency, which is waning. The conclusion reached was “we believe the dollar could lose its status as the world’s dominant currency (which could see it depreciate over the medium term) due to structural reasons as well as cyclical impediments.” – Adam Hamilton Silver was closed at $17.08 spot, up 65.5 cents from Tuesday. Net volume was the highest I’ve ever seen in this precious metal at just over 147,500 contracts. – Ed Steer  David’s Commentary (In Blue): All these gains in gold and silver and the retail buyer still haven’t showed up at the party. Gold and silver sales from the U.S. Mint are at a near standstill. Our wholesalers tell us they’ve never experienced business this slow. You wouldn’t know it here at Miles Franklin. Our business has been robust. Go figure. Hats off to our loyal clients. The retail business (especially in the U.S.) is the tail of the elephant. For now, the demand is for paper gold and silver in...

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Corrections Are the Way Markets Work

There is no denying that the last three years have been disappointing and difficult for our readers. It is hard to be invested in a major “correction” like the one we are experiencing in gold and silver.

It Has Just Been a Bump in the Road

Why don’t most money managers and financial advisors recommend gold and silver? They won’t recommend gold because they lose control of the asset and are not paid a management fee on gold or silver.

Physical Gold and Silver Is Real

Bill Holter brought up an interesting point yesterday. He concluded that, “nothing has any value.” That is one of the behind-the-scenes reasons I own gold and silver coins. When Bill wrote, “nothing,” he neglected to mention gold and silver – PHYSICALS

Gold, Silver and Cycles

Last year when the price of gold was moving back up toward $2,000, the central banks were concerned that if gold was allowed to reach the psychologically important $2,000 level, it would move sentiment away from paper currencies and bonds.

The Day Is Close At Hand

Recently we asked our readers to answer a few questions such as how frequently do you read our newsletter? What other publications do you read? And do you find us “relevant” or “irrelevant?”

Silver Is Outselling Gold in Dollars

Yes, I suppose it could be coincidental and people could trade like this, but isn’t it more likely that you are seeing programmed trading and this is the dirty work of the bullion banks and the hedge funds?