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David Schectman

David Schectman


Prior to founding Miles Franklin, David was a Senior Broker at a well-known firm where trained the firm’s 60 plus brokers in economic theory and appeared regularly on national radio and at major investment seminars. David continues to educate buyers and provide investment strategies through blog posts and contributions to the Miles Franklin Newsletter.

Your “Cash” Is Currency…. My “Cash” Is Gold And Silver.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank published an interesting investment-strategy note in July. It was titled “Is the dollar’s “exorbitant privilege” coming to an end?” It explored the US dollar’s longstanding status as the world’s dominant reserve currency, which is waning. The conclusion reached was “we believe the dollar could lose its status as the world’s dominant currency (which could see it depreciate over the medium term) due to structural reasons as well as cyclical impediments.” – Adam Hamilton Silver was closed at $17.08 spot, up 65.5 cents from Tuesday. Net volume was the highest I’ve ever seen in this precious metal at just over 147,500 contracts. – Ed Steer  David’s Commentary (In Blue): All these gains in gold and silver and the retail buyer still haven’t showed up at the party. Gold and silver sales from the U.S. Mint are at a near standstill. Our wholesalers tell us they’ve never experienced business this slow. You wouldn’t know it here at Miles Franklin. Our business has been robust. Go figure. Hats off to our loyal clients. The retail business (especially in the U.S.) is the tail of the elephant. For now, the demand is for paper gold and silver in...

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Gold Is the Asset of Choice

This week is a futures expiry for the April contract week. That usually means the price of gold and silver will be taken down so the issuers of the futures and options can keep the premiums they took in.

The Dollar Has Fallen In 2014

Zero Hedge published an interesting article (below) that pointed out how the Chinese are able to push the price of gold lower in the futures market, allowing them to buy their physical gold at a lower price.

The Day Is Coming and It Is Not Far Away

Last week I featured an article from the Sovereign Investor’s Jeff Opdyke titled, Follow China’s Lead into Gold that warned the Chinese would stun the world with an announcement that they had accumulated some five or six thousand tonnes of gold.

The Ball Is Now In Your Court

Today I am featuring a very important article on China, the Federal Reserve and America’s gold. It is an impressive report, followed by an even more impressive audio presentation, which you can link to at the end of the report.

Black Swan Events Are Always Unexpected

In the past 12 months, business in our industry is way down.  There are a few firms out there that many of you are familiar with that have business models that may have worked 10 years ago, but don’t work now. Any firm that gives their product away, when volume drops...

In Every Cycle, They Come And They Go

Why do we bring these stories to your attention? We get no pleasure in denigrating our competition, but then again, firms like Merit and Tulving are NOT our competition. We can’t compete with firms that mis-represent, bait-and-switch or sell so low as to lead to their bankruptcy and loss of client funds.

Gold And Silver Are Money

Do I believe that gold will reach $50,000/oz.? Is this just more nonsense from “conspiracy theorists and crackpots? Before I answer that, I am going to give you a few facts, and then I will let you answer the question

25 Years in Business

This year marks Miles Franklin’s 25th Anniversary. It also is David and Susan Schectman’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. 25 years in business is a milestone. 50 years with Susan is even more impressive and frankly, without her help, in every way, emotional, intellectual and financial, Miles Franklin never would have succeeded.

You Can’t Put a Price on Trust

It is not our policy to knock competition, but that said, we also feel it is very important to call attention to what can happen when a firm sells their products too cheaply. We see it happen over and over again. When business is strong, during a bull market’s early stages, companies increase their overhead and skate along with mark ups that are too low but they manage to get by on a very large volume/very low mark up.