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What’s Happening Wednesday with Andrew Hoffman: – Today’s article: “Ominous Reflections On 2017’s First Trading Day” – Chinese capital controls: The “Upcoming, Cataclysmic, Financial Big Bang To End All Big Bangs”-Upgraded From Inevitable To Imminent? – Surging...

Demographics Insure “They” Can’t Win

Yes, it certainly feels like “they” are in total control - but this is not the first time, and likely won’t be the last.  That said, I assure you “they” thought they’d win the Greek and Catalonian referendums, the BrExit vote, and the U.S. elections – not to mention...

Andrew Hoffman returns for his weekly installment… Today is Brexit vote day. Will The Powers That Be manage to fix yet another election or will the will of the people prevail. This is not your grandfather’s UK. Dumbed down, over immigrated and worse. But perhaps there...

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