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Now that I have a daughter, I’m watching Sesame Street for the first time since I was a child.  Much has changed, including the set, the cast, and the fact that the most popular character is no longer the Cookie Monster, but Elmo.  I have many fond memories of the show, and look forward to watching it on Sprout for the next few years.

Back in the early 1970s, I distinctly remember a Sesame Street Muppet named Bad Bart, idolized here on You Tube.  Bad Bart was a good guy mistaken for a Western outlaw.  People (Muppets) feared him like Jesse James; but in reality, he was just misunderstood.  In other words, the polar opposite of Bart Chilton, who for years I have called “Good Cop” Chilton; i.e., a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Sure, he facilitated GATA’s participation in the March 2010 CFTC hearing on COMEX metals position limits; and yes, he actually stated in October 2010 that he believed silver was in fact manipulated.  In his words:

There have been fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control the price.  Any such violation of the law in this regard should be prosecuted.

Bloomberg, October 26, 2010

However, aside from these two outbursts of humanity, he has largely proved to be a figurehead; clearly ordered to maintain the illusion of an investigation when in fact there NEVER was one.  As I have stated for years, there’s not a chance  the government’s PM suppression scheme – you know, the core of their ability to maintain a status quo in which they maintain wealth and power – would end at their own hand.  The markets will ultimately overwhelm them; but in the meantime, government agencies like the CFTC are charged with not suppressing, but supporting their nefarious manipulations.  The same goes for the SEC in the stock market; and for that matter, any and all regulatory framework – including the still not completed Dodd-Frank Act.

To that end, just as the five-year statute of limitations on the investigation into the 2008 PAPER silver attacks was about to end, the CFTC – not surprisingly – concluded absolutely nothing prosecutable occurred.  Chaired by a former Goldman Sachs partner – Gary Gensler – the investigation never had a chance, despite DAILY actions so obvious, a reasonably intelligent fifth-grader could spot it.

I have dedicated my second career – as have GATA and others – to pointing such criminality each and every day; and despite the CFTC’s decision, I expect more and more scrutiny as the ENTIRE WORLD wakes up to suppression of the “linchpin” of the global monetary system – i.e., REAL MONEY.  The population in general may be dumbed down to unprecedented levels, but they are finally starting to doubt government PROPAGANDA that flies in the face of the REALITY of a dramatically weakening economy.  Just ask Walmart – America’s LARGEST CORPORATION – what they are currently seeing; or heck, the ENTIRE CONTINENT of Asia…

Asia's 2014 Growth

…which by the way – per this email today from one of my Asian readers – is buying gold like it’s going out of style…

Today there is a very interesting article in The Bangkok Post.  It’s in the business section regarding GOLD purchases here. Last year, Thailand imported 112 tonnes of the stuff. This year it will be at least 200 tonnes 66% increase.

Well, maybe not out of style; but certainly, it will shortly be out of stock – as the inevitable run on REAL MONEY approaches.  And when it arrives like a financial tsunami – which frankly, could be catalyzed by any number of issues, at any time – you better have purchased it already; as by then, it will be too late to PROTECT yourself.