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I had planned to write about the recent news Andrew Maguire relayed regarding HSBC allegedly closing their seven London gold vaults.  I am putting this on hold because other than his word and Ned Naylor-Leyland’s tweets on same, I cannot find any public information confirming this.  I will say, if this turns out to be true then the end game has arrived in full force for several obvious and some not so obvious reasons.  Stay tuned as we hopefully get some sort of confirmation one way or the other shortly to which I will comment.

With that said, some who know me personally will say I am a very “blunt” person.  I am sure there are some who would go so far as to describe me as not “polite” or even being rude.  These descriptions may be true but what is important to me is this, no one is able to call me a liar or a cheat.  I have always done business on a word or handshake and even in today’s fraudulent and litigious world much prefer this method.  I try to call a spade a spade and guess sugar coating things is not a strong suit.  Maybe “brutally blunt” is a good description?  One thing for sure is this, “blunt” is not a characteristic commonly found in neither diplomats nor the elites.

The topic for today is about the elites and what they consider “proper etiquette”.  For hundreds of years, the elites have led the general population into booms and busts in all things imaginable.  They buy into crashes and sell into booms, as well they should.  The elites help fan the flames of greed and fear hoping to “leave no one behind”.  Each and every cycle the sheep get sheared as sure as the sun will rise and the elites profit from it.  It is my belief the elites send very subtle messages to signal what they are doing or planning.

These messages are understood by their brethren and even by some of the very astute born into the sheep class.  You see, the elites like to be “polite” and believe it is poor etiquette or “form” as they would say, to lead someone to slaughter without at least some warning.

This past week we heard from Allen Greenspan and Lord Rothschild.  Allen Greenspan has been on tour for close to a year and telling some truth.  He is hawking his latest book but occasionally comes out with some kernels of real truth.  If you recall, he spoke last October in New Orleans and I reported on it at the time.  My thought then as it is now, he is simply trying to scrub and polish his legacy by being on the record now.  The following is a link to an interview done Friday with CNBC.

Mr. Greenspan was unusually blunt in this interview.  What he said here is not much different than what he has been saying recently, namely productivity is stagnating or even decreasing.  What he did add was his belief that lower Fed interest rates have raised PE ratios which will be reversed when interest rates begin to rise again.  He left no one wondering his position after saying “we can’t argue that we are extremely overvalued in the market place”.   Is he being “polite” by warning people of what he sees coming?  Again, I do not think so, but he does want a clean legacy!

Next, we were also starkly warned last week by Lord Rothschild.  This warning in my opinion had a different motivation.  The Rothschilds are a very private family and we almost never hear anything from them so I was pretty shocked to read this.  In my opinion, this was the most elite family being “polite” and offering a warning to anyone willing or smart enough to listen.  He spoke of unthinkable economic and financial “things”.  He talked about risk, lack of economic growth and horror of horrors, “debasement of currencies”.  He said “we are faced with a geopolitical situation as dangerous as any since WW II”!  I cannot disagree with much of anything he said.  The warning given was unmistakable and could have been written by some blogger such as myself except for the eloquence.

I ask you this, why would you not believe what either of these two men have said?  They both used well thought out and solid logic.  Both of their messages parallel each other and both speak to “risk” at elevated or unprecedented levels.  Neither has been known to be a chicken little or alarmist (though Greenspan may have been silenced after his “irrational exuberance” speech”).  Another commonality is both are plugged in at the very highest reaches of “banking”.  Did either of them just wake up one morning and “go off the reservation” on a humanitarian tangent?  No, they are telling you the truth in my opinion for their own reasons… selfish or not.

The greatest wealth transfer in generations if not of all time is right in front of us and was spelled out for you by none other than a Rothschild.  If what he had said was BS, I would have been all over it but this is not the case.  Don’t get me wrong, I know the Rothschilds are behind fractional reserve banking and the central banks themselves.  I also believe they know we have reached game over and Exter’s pyramid is beginning to collapse on itself.  If you (your family) had massive quantities of gold leading into a new currency regime and was a big …if not THE big player at the table, wouldn’t you be more easily accepted by the masses if you could say “but we warned you”?  It is “polite form” if nothing else!