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Last week, I came across the below article about Ben Bernanke, calling him a “hero” for saving the global economy this year.  The author is trying to figure why many consider him a “villain,” consistent with the never-ending mainstream prattle about the importance – and brilliance – of the Federal Reserve Chairman.  When I think of all the great people I’ve come across in the past decade – “good, smart” people making prudent investment decisions – I feel awed by how uninformed the average person is.

Doctors, lawyers, scientists, and artists – many with superior intellect and good instincts – and yet, the majority still believe the Federal Reserve Chairman’s position is complex.  It is, of course, but not from a financial standpoint.  Rather, the Fed Chairman is the ultimate political role, whose stated job description is to contain inflation but whose true mandate is to PROTECT TPTB’s control over your life.

The Atlantic Magazine – Bernanke the Hero

Few realize the Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional entity, established via a sparsely-attended, Christmas Eve Congressional vote in 1913, three years after the infamous Jekyll Island Meeting of the world’s “elite” bankers to outline their plan of global dominance.  The Constitution still held some pull in 1913, so establishing a private, bank-owned entity to print the nation’s money was quite an accomplishment.  After all, the Founding Fathers specifically decreed that “only gold and silver” could be legal tender, and “only the government” could mint and regulate it.

The original JP Morgan was the world’s most powerful man in 1913, just as Jamie Dimon is in 2012.  By the way, the Federal Reserve’s 99-year lease – which must be renewed by the government – expires on December 23, 2012, just two days after the end of the Mayan Calendar!

The Fed Set To Celebrate 100 Years of Dominating The USA

The Federal Reserve is NOT a government agency, but a private entity owned by the people that benefit most from inflation – money center banks!  Over the past 99 years, these banks have commandeered their former masters, re-written their own regulations, and breached their “contain inflation” mandate 1,000 times over.


The bank is running the Fed – and thus, pulling Bernanke’s strings – are the same that set it up in 1913, listed below.  These are the people that set interest rates, decide who gets bailed out, and mete out secret loans and “swaps.”

* Rothschild Banks
* Lazard Brothers

* Israel Moses Sieff Banks

* Warburg Bank  (later acquired by UBS)
* Kuhn Loeb Bank (later acquired by Lehman Brothers)

* Lehman Brothers
* Goldman Sachs
* Chase Manhattan (Controlled By the Rockefeller Family Tree, later acquired by JP Morgan)

After four decades of fiat money, Western culture has been successfully brainwashed that “dollars”, “Euros”, and “pounds” are MONEY.  History tells a different story, but as usual, man repeats his mistakes.  It all comes down to cognitive dissonance, as everyone wants the “free lunch” entailed by PRINTED MONEY.  Thus, most people refuse to allow the truth to pervade their neurons, instead opting for the poison guaranteed to kill them.

Since Global Meltdown I in late 2008, the world has added at least $10 trillion of new debt, and likely more than $30 trillion when the secret bailouts, loans, and derivatives are counted.  Sovereign nations are collapsing left and right, worldwide unemployment and gasoline prices are at record levels, and gold and silver have outperformed all assets for the past decade.  However, the Federal Reserve has maintained its cache, and Ben Bernanke named Time Magazine’s 2009 MAN OF THE YEAR…

Ben Bernanke – Time Magazine, Person of the Year 2009

…just as “Sir Alan” Greenspan was deemed “Maestro” for his role in mastering “quantitative easing,” building the world’s largest equity and real estate bubbles…

Maestro – Alan Greenspan

Here’s the secret behind the Fed’s operations:

They PRINT MONEY, all the time, without fail.  Good times, bad times, and particularly – CRISES – continually building the money supply.  Overtly, covertly, and through complex financial products not understandable by financial professionals like myself, let alone the average person.

That’s all they do – PRINT MONEY, and print some more, using lingo like “quantitative easing”, “open market operations”, “ZIRP”, “Operation Twist”, and the “swap facility.”  This is why the dollar has lost 98% of it purchasing power over the past 99 years, and why it will lose an additional 99% in the coming years – as has occurred with EVERY fiat currency in recorded history.