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I have had several comments regarding my referencing to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Benjamin S. Bernanke as “Bernocchio.”  Some have said it was cute or clever and others have told me it was a show of disrespect.  …Well yeah…it is disrespectful and for good reason.  The guy is a LIAR plain and simple.  Not only a liar, he has perjured himself in front of the Congress more than several times and done so in blatant fashion.  The sad thing is that there is virtually no one in Congress (now that Ron Paul has retired) even knowledgeable enough to call him on his testimonies.

I assume that since he was the head of Princeton’s Economics’ department that he knows the differences between his testimonies and the truth, maybe I’m wrong and he is just stupid (please e-mail in anger about this) and really believes his own BS?

He has perjured himself so many times so here are examples of just 3.  Three of THE most basic monetary and economic concepts known (or hopefully unknown from the standpoint of bankers) to man.

First, when asked by Ron Paul if “Gold is money,” Bernocchio answered, “No it is not.”  I will not again go into a tirade over this statement or remind you that J. P. Morgan himself said that, “Only gold is money, nothing else.”  Gold IS money, Bernocchio knows it, we know he knows it and he knows that we know… Next up Bernocchio testified that “we are not monetizing debt.”  Really?  Then what exactly are you doing when you create “dollars” out of thin air to purchase Treasury securities that otherwise would not be purchased because there are not enough buyers to be “had” (pun definitely intended)?

Today he was asked, “Are you printing money?”  He answered, “Not literally.”  Huh?  “Literally” as in not actually printing dollar bills?  Or “literally” as in not the one running a printing press?  Or pouring the ink or running the tractor to pick the cotton or using the chainsaw to cut the trees down to “actually” print money?  Not “literally?” Is this his attempt to imitate Bill Clinton when he said “it depends on what the definition of ‘is’, “is?”

So, everyone in the financial industry just “hangs” on every word that comes from this idiots mouth.  This guy is the head of and running THE biggest Ponzi/Pyramid/never pay scheme in the history of history, raises his right hand and places his left hand on the bible and outright lies…and everyone just can’t wait to hear what he has to say!  Is everyone stupid?

This guy is like the Pied Piper’s (Alan Greenspan’s) apprentice turned leader of the pack.  Why does anyone who has any sanity whatsoever listen to what he says?  If you know someone is lying to the real world (as opposed to the Alice in Wall Street world) do you continue to listen?  To believe?  Well, it seems like the rest of the world has already figured this out which is why their imports of gold, real and true money, have exploded.  The rest of the world is acting like they are trying to “beat the clock” and hoard as much gold as possible before the fable-liscious dollar story comes to an end.  One can only imagine how history will tell the story of the most powerful and well known banker the world has ever known, “Bernocchio!”