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The most valuable commodities – in business, and life in general – are “good, smart people.”  When dealing with the “life or death” battle of FIAT vs. REAL money, such assets are even more crucial.  Many seek to steal from – or misinform – the public, and only through the wisdom of industry giants have I survived and thrived.

In “TEN YEARS OF HEAVEN AND HELL” in Precious Metals, I have encountered the best – and worst – of mankind, in my eternal search for the “good, smart people.”  Or at least their opinions, as I have not met many of these luminaries.  My earliest influences were undoubtedly Richard Russell and Jim Sinclair, and shortly after (circa 2003) I came across GATA – the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee.

Since 1999, GATA’s principal modus operandi has been education about PM manipulation, a topic I have significantly advanced through ten years of research.  Through this fantastic organization, I have met some of the world’s BEST, smartest people, including – among others – “ADMIRAL SPROTT.”  Some were sponsors, some content contributors, and many – readers with a passion for REAL MONEY and FREE MARKETS.

A small group of us regularly contributed to GATA over the years, but my favorite was always “Bill H” – a.k.a. Bill Holter.  Bill also had a successful Wall Street career, and came across REAL MONEY well before myself.  He, too, has commentated about the PM markets – and global economy – for years, spot on in essentially EVERY one of his macroeconomic forecasts.  Bill has a gift for writing similar to David Schectman’s – the ability to communicate deep, thoughtful content in a few short paragraphs.  I wish I could get so much across so concisely, but my strength is the dissemination of MASS QUANTITIES of information – hence, my lengthy RANTS.

Until last year, “Bill H” was an anonymous GATA contributor, just as myself.  However, at last August’s GATA conference in London, I had the great fortune of meeting Bill and his lovely wife Kathy.  “Offline,” Bill is the same tough-talking character as online, and one of the most likable people you’ll meet.  A former boxer, he defines the type of tough Texan you’d want to avoid in a fight – and that you’d want at your side in the trenches of battle.  Which is exactly what we’ve been through for the past decade.

When I learned that Bill would be joining Miles Franklin, I was thrilled.  What sets us apart – aside from customer service, our International Precious Metal Storage Program, and Swiss annuity product offering – is the FREE education we provide on all aspects of Precious Metals.  David Schectman created this format many years ago, and Andy Schectman has become one of the industry’s most intelligent and likeable communicators.  Last year, I was hired as Marketing Director, and the addition of Bill Holter completes our education “product offering.”

I have looked forward to Bill’s commentaries each day for the past decade, and am thrilled to now call him colleague.

Please join us in welcoming Bill Holter to the Miles Franklin team!


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