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Susan and I had dinner with a friend who owns an industrial chemical company in central Minnesota.  We were talking about inflation and he told me that their raw material inflation data shows an increase of about 8-10% from one year ago.  It is reaching the point where suppliers and retailers can no longer hold the price and will have to start passing increases along to their clients and customers.  Inflation is about to bust out and the government will no longer be able to hide the reality with their phony-baloney BLS data

I am pleased to announce that Bill Holter has decided to join Miles Franklin.  Bill will write at least six to eight articles exclusively for Miles Franklin every month.  He is one of the people that I look forward to reading every day.  Bill joins Ranting Andy Hoffman and myself in presenting you with a lot of high-quality commentary – perhaps the very best in the entire industry.

Miles Franklin strives to be the best precious metals company in America.  Judging from the comments we receive from our readers and clients, many of you believe we are number one.

Here is a link to Bill Holter’s first exclusive article with us:

Miles Franklin Daily Gold & Silver Summary – Bill Holter – June 12 2012