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Cliché’s aside, I am hard pressed to describe the GLOBAL economy any better than a “BOBBING CORK,” as described by the forensic simulation utilized in Titanic

Titanic Sinking Simulation
Using the most apt metaphor, the GLOBAL economy hit the iceberg on August 15, 1971, when Richard Nixon severed the world’s ties with REAL MONEY:

Nixon Ends Bretton Woods International Monetary System
Next, the boat slowly – but imperceptibly – sagged in the water as the weight of individual, corporate, municipal, and sovereign DEBT built up, directly resulting from the lack of monetary DISCIPLINE imposed by the gold standard…

World debt comparison – The global debt clock

The strain of the expanding water volumes (i.e. DEBT) pulled the bow visibly downward – aided by the 1999 repeal of Glass Steagall.  At that point, banks were essentially given free rein to exponentially increase LEVERAGE (chart below represents average debt/assets as of July 2011)…

…and take over governments, be they Republican…

Top Contributors to George W. Bush – 2004

…or Democrat…

Top Contributors to Barrack Obama – 2008

…or Republican again…

Top Contributors to Mitt Romney – 20012

By the way, I wrote six months ago that more Wall Street money was going to Romney than Obama, so he would likely win.  Since that time, MUCH, MUCH more Wall Street money has gone to Romney, deserting Obama.

We all know Romney is far more “pro-Wall Street” than Obama, so think about what happened four years ago.  Clearly, the nation was so fed up with the outgoing administration – during an election that occurred amidst Global Meltdown I, to boot – they would have voted for ANYONE for the sake of “change.”  Wall Street knew this – as did anyone with half a brain – and thus put their full support behind Obama, who repaid the favor with MASSIVE bailouts – such as Citigroup and GM – pro-Wall Street legislation, and cabinet and other influential appointments.

In 2012, however, the “Democratic tide” is going OUT, as people are again preparing to vote for “change” at any cost.  This time Romney will be the benefactor – although Obama will still get millions of votes from the disenfranchised, whom desperately need his socialistic policies to SURVIVE.  Irrespective, the economy should dramatically worsen by November, making it nearly impossible for Obama to overcome the rising wave of DISSENT, let alone the MASSIVE Wall Street money behind Romney, the guy they wanted all along…

Top Contributors to Barrack Obama – 2012

The midship started to buckle when the U.S. and European real estate markets topped in 2006-07 – exposing their vulnerability – and SNAPPED in late 2008, when the weight of COLLAPSING balance sheets was too much to bear.  The bow rapidly sank – taking “weak links” like Lehman Brothers and Fannie Mae with it.  However, TRILLIONS of MONEY PRINTING enabled the “favored few” to scramble to the stern, at first holding out hope the remaining ship – though detached from the bow and badly leaking – would somehow stay afloat.

On Titanic, that period of “hope” lasted but minutes – and in my analogy, two years.  By mid-2011, the stern was badly listing, aimlessly navigating the waves like a “BOBBING CORK.”  At that point, countless souls had either jumped ship or been thrown off – like Greece, Spain, and interconnected banks like Credit Agricole and Unicredit – with only the very strongest still holding on.

Even Jack Dawson believed he would survive the plunge into the icy Atlantic, but in the end died meekly, as did all but 13 of the 1,527 that went down with the ship.   So when you ponder whether TPTB are “in control,” keep in mind their ONLY remaining “tools” are MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA.  In other words, they are sitting atop a “BOBBING CORK.”

MONEY can’t help one on a sinking ship, PROPAGANDA doesn’t influence those scrambling for their lives, and once the PANIC commences, there is nothing left to MANIPULATE.


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