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We are now at the end of a 6 month “trashing” of gold (and silver) prices which has been done to enforce the mantra “dollar good, gold bad.”  This has been done with every trick learned by and or known to man.  Sell massive amounts of paper futures when no “important” markets are open, sell massive amounts of paper futures with instructions that they all be sold “at market” and within 5 minutes.  This has been done entirely to effect price… trades like these would NEVER be done by an entity trying to get “the best economic price” for their wares.  The ONLY possible explanation for trades like these (which leaves footprints and paper trails) is to suppress the price of whatever is being sold.

Rome burns while the CFTC fiddles and looks the other way.  You must understand that it “has” to be this way because what is the CFTC to do?  Follow the paper trails and declare the Fed and US Treasury “manipulators?”  Not a chance.  But, even in a world where over 100 “paper ounces” are traded for every 1 REAL ounce in existence… some real gold must be traded.  “Dis-hoarded” is the word.  Over the last year, calculations have been done where as much as 5,000 to 6,000 REAL tons traded hands and moved from West to East.  Does the West have a bottomless pit of gold to sell into the market?  Obviously not, and this of course is evidenced by Germany “asking” for their gold back from New York, London and Paris because they already did the math.  They did not in reality ask, they demanded it back… only to be told that it would take 7-8 years to accomplish.  If you use common sense, this “transfer” could logistically have been done in less than 90 days even using antiquated Pony Express methods, so 7-8 years is the time frame because the gold is already gone.

But wait, some semblance of sanity is now entering the marketplace.  “Junk” silver (which cannot be minted) is and has been showing signs of “shortage” with buyers waiting 3-5 weeks to receive it.  After yesterday’s most recent daily trashing, something started to snap in the Eagle/Maple market.  The premium moved up a dime and there is now a wait of at least 2 weeks before shipment is made.  A “small” chink in the armor but… an upside down supply and demand equation has to start and show up somewhere.  As expected all along, it is with silver where this is raising its head.  Sprott Management looked at the supply demand equation and asked the question about a month ago, “Where is all the Silver coming from?” Now we may be seeing signs that “it’s not coming or coming as fast?”

Please understand that the psychopaths who are running the world will apparently run this game until the very last ounce of strength (gold).  I had thought several years ago that there would be a point in time when they looked in the vault and saw a dwindling pile which would at some point be “enough is enough” and they would protect the remainder.  That has not happened and I am now convinced that “shipments” to show strength and hide weakness will continue until there is nothing left except cobwebs.  When will this be?  Who knows, but we do know that more and more demand for physical metal is showing each and every month.  When the “bottom of the barrel” is reached the game(s) will stop, physical metal for sale will dry up entirely and literally no amount of fiat currency will secure it.  You are being offered the greatest price discount in relation to money supply in history right now.  Secure holdings now, because later the only way to do so will be with real goods that owners are willing to barter for.  This scenario by the way is termed “when money won’t spend.”  As I wrote last week, “Spend it while you can!