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Last month’s Break Them on May 1st 2013 – The Truth Rises Wednesday!  was a prime example of how the new, advanced age of internet communication can spread viral content worldwide; in a matter of days.

That video was viewed by nearly 200,000 people; spreading an important message of PHYSICAL silver ownership to citizens of dozens of countries.  Going forward, I believe You Tube will become the principal means of disseminating socially relevant content; and now that underground groups like the Sound Money Campaign are growing more popular, TPTB’s seemingly ironclad grip on society will inevitably weaken.

In the realm of the “shadow world,” the latest masterpiece documents the history of income inequality in America.  It depicts how “the 1%” has taken more and more wealth from “the 99%”; DESTROYING the Middle Class – with help from its partners in Washington; and setting the stage for potentially violent class warfare in the coming years…

At the end of this 28-minute documentary, a call for a MASS PETITION to be signed is made.  This petition will be marched to the steps of Congress on September 4th, 2013; demanding a new GOLD STANDARD and other basic rights necessary to re-establishing an even playing field for the majority of Americans.

Thus far, nearly 100,000 people have watched; and hopefully, you will, too.  Personally, I do not believe any such effort can stop TPTB from torching society in their quest to maintain WEALTH and POWER.  However, the more people that spread the word and participate in such movements, the weaker said WEALTH and POWER will become.

Remember, the “Achilles Heel” of the GLOBAL FIAT CURRENCY SYSTEM is the scarcity of PHYSICAL gold and silver; and the sooner the citizenry realizes this, the sooner the game of Worldwide Wealth Destruction will be ended by a RUN on the tiny amount of available gold and silver.