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We’re going to the dogs!  Or maybe we should be – check out the following videos.  They are the highlights of today’s newsletter:

Carolina Camera: The Original Motorcycle Dog

Ashleigh and Pudsey – Britain’s Got Talent 2012 audition – UK version
Why does technical analysis have any effect on the price of gold and silver?  Simply because the hedge funds believe that it does.  Their computers are programmed (algorithms) to react to moving averages and they blindly buy and sell at pre-determined numbers.

So, all the bullion banks (The Cartel) have to do is dump a large number of contracts on the market (like the below chart at 8 a.m.) and the price plunges and then the hedge funds blindly follow and join the selling.  The result is the waterfall drop you see below.  What does this have to do with demand for physical gold and silver?  Absolutely nothing!  Sooner or later, the bullion banks will have the hedge funds heavily “short” the market and they will be “long” and the funds will be crushed as the bullion banks stop shorting and start buying.  The price of gold and silver will start to rise and the funds will blindly BUY and the price will rapidly recover.

Do not fall into the trap of selling into a falling market.  You should be buying as the prices fall.  You will be rewarded.

If you do decide to jump in now, buy gold and platinum.  It is a bit too early to accumulate silver.