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Silver to Break $100 in 12 to 24 Months – John Embry, Sprott Asset Management

Please check out the following YouTube video on the National Debt. It is wonderful and I have no doubt that you will forward it to your friends and family.

Yes, I too am that bullish on silver. There is strong resistance at $33, but once breached, it should be off to the races. Be sure and check out the link to the Embry/King World News story in the Odds and Ends section at the end of the newsletter. In fact, all of the stories in the Odds and Ends bin are fabulous today and I urge you to be SURE are read them. It will just take a few minutes of your time, but the content is outstanding!
My son Andy and his wife Zhanna are coming to Miami to visit Susan and me on Sunday. We haven’t seen them since we left Minneapolis on Halloween and we plan to spend as much time with them as possible, before they return to Minneapolis on Thursday.
When Richard Russell speaks, I listen carefully. I have followed Russell since 1983. This is as bullish on gold as I have seen Russell in 29 years. Note, in his comments below, he uses CAPITAL LETTERS TO EMPHASIZE the importance of getting into gold now. There is nothing subtle about what Russell is telling his subscribers to do. Russell is a stock market analyst and he doesn’t sell gold or any gold product. Russell understands gold – better than most.


For a decade I have been urging my subscribers to move into gold — either physical bullion or other wise. Now I am at it again PLEASE MOVE INTO GOLD. Those who think gold has lapsed into a bear market simply do not know what they are talking about. Gold has simply been correcting in an on-going bull market.

This is a time when almost every central bank in the world is grinding out paper currency, grinding it out by the carload. This is a time when people are searching for safety. People are frightened and confused. Where is the land of safety?

There is only one safe asset on the planet: that safe asset is gold. Uninformed people believe gold is just a commodity. Wrong, gold is absolute money. Gold alone is the world’s only completely safe currency. Gold has no counter-party against it, and no central bank has ever found a way to create gold.

The fact is that gold can only be produced by the sweat ingenuity and capitalization of men.

Gold may now be ending its latest correction. If I am correct in this, gold is in a buying zone.

The result of this over-production of fiat paper will be that all man-made currencies will be distrusted — This distrust of fiat paper will increase as the central banks attempt to print us out of the gathering disaster.

At around that time we will witness what I call a “gold moon-shot” — gold will rise to undreamed of heights. Gold will be the only currency that will survive the coming “world train wreck” that I foresee. People will flock or panic to gold in a wild attempt to save themselves and their fortunes. Gold will be the last man standing — or I should say the last currency standing.

At today’s price, gold is cheap.

Here is what Ranting Andy Hoffman had to say about silver in his Thursday Rant.