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Interview discussion includes:
– Background on Miles Franklin Bullion Dealer, A+ Better Business Bureau
– Companies that Cut Corners for Prices Ended up Bankrupt
– Minnesota first state to license & bond bullion dealers
– Holding at Home Tips: Theft Risk
– Third Party Storage Vaults: What Are They?
– GLD & SLV is Letting the Fox guard the Hen House
– Andy doesn’t see government confiscation of metal
– US Needs trust of creditors = no asset confiscation
– Storing Gold & Silver with 3rd Party Depositories
– Having wealth out of control to preempt currency controls
– Miles Franklin will have revolutionary BRINKS security
– Purchasing Bullion, Buybacks, What to Buy, etc.
– Buying Government Issued Coins gives Peace of Mind
– Counterfeit Coins Popping Up: How to Deal

This interview was hosted by Crush the Street.