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I usually do not write about politics because “politics” polarizes people into the blame game of who actually caused this train wreck that we are living.  Upfront, I consider myself a Libertarian who believes in self sufficiency, self reliance, as small a government as possible to “protect our freedoms” and above all The Constitution.  You can blame the Democrats or the Republicans all you wish, probably better to blame them all as when all is said and done, they are the same.  Obamacare, is obviously a joke for anyone who wants “to take care of themselves”.  I could go through an entire litany of what is wrong with the plan, I will leave that to others, I would prefer to address what I believe the macro effects will be.

First off, what do you think this bill will do to the macro economy?  If you were the head of a big corporation (not one that has been exempted as a “friend” of the administration), would you be out hiring more employees or laying off to cut costs?  More importantly, how about the small business owner?  If the small business doesn’t provide insurance and must in the future, will it even survive?  Then you must ask yourself, what about the doctors?  They will in my opinion (after speaking with several clients who are doctors) begin to retire and close up shop in droves.  Are these people not part of the top 2-3% of wage earners and thus large taxpayers?  This cannot in any way be “bullish” for the overall economy.

From the very macro standpoint, has the government EVER managed ANYTHING where the original plans actually came to pass?  Or has every venture ended up costing multiples of the original projections?  Think about the Postal system, $ Billions in losses while private sector Fedex and UPS make profits every year.  How about General (government) Motors?  How did that work out?  My point is this, the government has been notorious for killing every golden goose that it comes into contact with and healthcare is a HUGE percentage of our system.  Can we really afford something this large to be mucked up in mal management?

That said, here is what I think that the thinking behind Obamacare is/was.  The healthcare “premiums” (which we are now told are taxes) will “flow” through the Treasury as cash flow, could the “cash flow” have been the desire behind the scenes to take over healthcare?  You can tell me all you like that “oh no, this program is to help those without insurance”, [email protected]#!*, they get care for free now by going to county hospital emergency rooms with a sore throat, “care” is available.  U.S. citizen or illegal alien, no difference, everyone gets care.  What has happened, I believe, Medicaid was looked at and seen to be unsustainable and the premium flow not sufficient so why not take the entire system and the $ Trillions in cash flow with it?  Prolong the day of reckoning?

My blood pressure is “up” right now so I’ll try to finish quickly.  As bullish for Gold and Silver as a complete trainwreck in the financial system will be, I have never “wished it”.  I have always “hoped” that some sort of solution could be found even though I knew, deep down, that there is none.  Today, after the Supreme Court has now ruled that ANYTHING can be rammed down our throats as long as it’s a “tax”, I hope that the entire system comes down as SOON AS POSSIBLE!  A complete collapse, which is mathematically coming and cannot be avoided, will at least wipe the slate clean and foster in a clean start.  A clean start which one can only hope will not foster the fraud and abuse of the current system.

Call me whatever you’d like, I am an American Patriot who wishes the current system would collapse immediately and as quickly as possible.  I am an American Patriot who wishes that the law of the land would revert back to The Constitution where it belongs.  The Constitution has been trashed, burned and crapped on for years, TODAY it was flushed down the toilet.