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It just occurred to me that we have never explained the transaction process to our readers.  For sure we have many readers who are still on the fence and have not yet purchased any precious metals and some who read our blog yet purchase elsewhere.  For those who purchases elsewhere, please at least call us for a quote before you buy as we are very competitive with our pricing.

For those who have not made any transactions yet, grab your phone and your checkbook and go sit down in your favorite chair.  CALL US!  We can help with whatever your precious metals needs are.  Should you purchase gold or silver?  What type of coin or bar is most advantageous?  Should I have it all stored personally or should I store some in Canada or Switzerland?  These are all questions that we can help you with.

Once you have decided what exactly it is that you’d like to do…then comes the easy part.  All we need to do is find out basic information such as your name, address and where you’d like to have your metal shipped or stored.  Normally the metal will be shipped within 7-10 business days of your check or check by phone payment (unless the product is back ordered).  We will send you the shipping tracking information once your order ships.  Fast, painless and very smart!  CALL US!