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Friday was a good day, one of the best of my career if truth be told.

My work is extremely motivating, as much from a monetary standpoint as the valuable service I provide for clients.  RANTING ANDY is more than just my moniker, but a means of empowering people to PROTECT THEMSELVES.

Since my first Precious Metals investment in May 2002, I have fought nothing less than a financial and mental WAR with TPTB, an opaque group of “elites” that have infiltrated Western governments with an agenda of utter, unadulterated DESTRUCTION.

Their schemes were initially simplistic, targeting one thing, and one thing only – PROFIT.  It didn’t matter if the means of accomplishing this end were legal, or even LETHAL, so long as they resulted in big, juicy bonuses.

Unfortunately, in their quest to rape and pillage the world’s wealth, they accidentally annihilated the financial system, yielding REAL human suffering such as poverty, homelessness, and death.  Consequently, a second, simultaneous goal has emerged, of building firewalls around their evil deeds to avoid prosecution from the angry masses.

Now that the financial lobby has commandeered the U.S. government, TBTF banks can get away with anything they want, backed by limitless campaign contributions and implicit government guarantees that any and all misdeeds will be forgiven in the name of “national security.”  How do you think JP Morgan has avoided scrutiny of its blatant manipulation of PAPER silver prices, or how Jon Corzine remains safely in his (likely guarded) home while $3 billion of customer funds remain missing?

To my point, the masses must muster every ounce of their willpower to fight through the lies and understand what they are up against, much less act in a manner contrary to the “consensus” and PROTECT THEMSELVES against these financial sociopaths.

History says “fighting county hall” is often a losing battle, but not always.  Many a tyrannical regime has been overthrown, from Louis XVI’s 18th century France to Nazi Germany to modern-day Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, as will many others in the coming years.  Inevitably, inefficient, vindictive, totalitarian governments expose themselves via acts of hubris, as modern Europe and the U.S. have done via careless, unfinanced spending.  The U.S. government is indeed powerful, but each day its net worth becomes increasingly negative, as does its inability to grow without exponential growth in MONEY PRINTING operations.

The bullion industry provides one of the few means of exposing TPTB’s only true weakness – the one area invulnerable to MONEY PRINTING, REAL MONEY, i.e. PHYSICAL gold and silver.  Watching paper gold capped last week at $1,750/oz while the PPT maniacally bought Dow Futures following the Federal Reserve’s last-ditch, DESPERATION act Tuesday demonstrates just how far they will go to buy time before the ultimate, inevitable COLLAPSE.  To prove my point, look no further than Friday’s trading activity, when the HUI mining index plummeted 20 POINTS with gold UP $2/oz and the Dow unchanged.  In other words, the Cartel wants PM investors dead, and if you own PAPER Precious Metals investments, particularly with LEVERAGE, you are putting yourselves in harm’s way.

TPTB’s Achilles Heel remains PHYSICAL gold and silver, which NEVER falls in value, ALWAYS protects purchasing power, and has absolutely, positively ZERO debt attached to it.  Consequently, my goal is to inculcate these truisms into as much of the public as possible before the day of financial reckoning inevitably comes.

Miles Franklin has been PROTECTING client assets for 22 years, standing out by focusing on personal service, professional integrity, and client education as to WHY they need to own PHYSICAL gold and silver.  David Schectman has been writing client newsletters for more than two decades, and even in semi-retirement publishes our Daily Gold & Silver Summary each morning.  Hiring me ensures Miles Franklin will retain its legacy of client education through another generation, as I plan to work here for as long as PHYSICAL gold and silver supply is available for the public to buy.

But simply purchasing gold and silver may not be enough, as in a world where the aforementioned evil exists, one must be aware of ALL available options to safeguard one’s valuables.  In recent years, life has become infinitely more complex, so one must continuously ponder what new hurdles will emerge, seeking to steal what one has worked so hard to earn.  That is why Miles Franklin has spent so much time developing new ways to not only make purchasing gold and silver safer and easier, but safeguarding it as well.

When I came aboard in October, I knew little of the concept of bullion storage options.  Most people hold metals in their homes, banks (DO NOT!), or storage vaults perceived as available only to the ultra-wealthy.  Such programs have been mislabeled as complex, expensive, or untrustworthy, PARTICULARLY when operators of such vaults are the very BANKS most at risk of stealing your assets.

However, I am happy to say that all storage programs are not the same, and I believe Miles Franklin has created a storage solution capable of providing piece-of-mind to PHYSICAL Precious Metal holders the world round, thanks entirely to the efforts of one of its enterprising partners, Joel Kravitz.

Thinking out of the box, Joel sought a solution entirely avoiding the teetering banking system, as well as the bullion business itself.  Instead, he sought the most reliable security company in Canada and on the planet, whose principal business for the past century has been transporting and safeguarding monetary assets.

On Friday I traveled to Montreal with Joel and Miles Franklin’s President, Andy Schectman, to visit the secure facility, which I believe will yield piece of mind to hundreds of PHYSICAL gold and silver investors for decades to come.  Miles Franklin has commenced their unique storage partnership earlier this year, but plan to dramatically increase its scope and capabilities in the coming months.  Canada has among the lowest levels of political risk in the world, favorable currency laws (gold and silver are considered legal tender), and a national affinity for Precious Metals suggesting policies friendly to the plight of foreign gold and silver investors.

The greatest triumphs of my business career involve the rare times I hear the “SOUND OF SMART,” conversations among like-minded, forward-thinking people that not only excel at their vocations, but at expanding them to maximize BOTH profits and client satisfaction.  Such discussions occurred Friday, when we were treated to a tour of one of the safest storage facilities in the world.

Our partners Vault has been working in Canada since 1927.  Its employees are extremely cognizant of the personal side of the business, culled from a century of safeguarding some of the world’s most valuable treasures.  They operate numerous facilities in Quebec alone, including the extraordinary building currently housing Miles Franklin clients’ assets.

Although theft is not something I’d worry about at a facility such as this, there is nothing like seeing such an operation in person to validate one’s assumptions.  Numerous armed guards with BIG GUNS, state-of-the-art electronic security systems, and some of the thickest concrete walls and steel bars I’ve seen enable its Precious Metal vaults to be ranked among the world’s most secure.

Our goal is to maximize the level of service to the point that clients around the world look to our partnership as a pre-eminent option for overseas bullion storage.  For example, we were introduced to the incredible, virtually impregnable “I-Box” technology, utilized for ultra-safe shipping, to the point that, frankly, Superman would have trouble penetrating.  We were also showed the various storage options within the vaults themselves, including lock boxes and virtually immovable cabinets.  Not to mention, we all took a stab at lifting a 1,000 ounce silver bar, none with much success due to their excessive weight!

Moreover, Miles Franklin plans to personally audit its clients’ inventory each quarter, as we did Friday for the first time. Whether they are storing $100,000 or $100 million, the demand for off shore storage will rise dramatically with gold and silver prices and, subsequently, political risks in the United States and other international markets.

Once again, I want to convey our confidence in the management and operating personnel involved in the Montreal Storage program.  They are not only well-trained in the business of bullion storage, but the art of client service as well, which cannot be underestimated when one is entrusting, in many cases, their life’s savings.

Finally, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of working with a professional security company in Canada, as opposed to a bank or government institution, for Precious Metals storage.  Aside from a renowned reputation for world-class storage technology, armored guard storage facilities are entirely outside “the financial system.” Moreover, bullion is a very small part of their overall business, so there is no chance that dramatic changes in Precious Metals laws or prices could impact their (currently debt-free) financial stability.

If you would like to learn more about Miles Franklin’s unique Canadian vault storage program, view more information or call Joel Kravitz or Andy Schectman at 877-375-1365